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airport and prices question?

which is the closest airport to garden grove CA and how much does it cost to buy a one way ticket to fresno CA? i tried looking and i didnt know where else to get the answer >.< please someone help >.<


i plan to go during june 24 not sure what time yet morst likely during morning

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    The closest airports with commercial service to Garden Grove are the John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA) and the Long Beach Airport (LGB) -- both of them are about 15 miles away from Garden Grove. (Beyond that, Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Burbank Airport (BUR) are about 35 miles away, and Ontario Airport (ONT) is about 40 miles away.)

    The price of a one-way ticket from any of those airports to Fresno will depend on other factors in addition to the dates, such as when you plan on traveling and how far in advance you wish to buy your ticket. I picked a sample date in the middle of July, for example, and orbitz.com returned a price of about $140 for a ticket, including tax, from LGB or SNA (requiring a connection in Phoenix, on US Airways). If you wanted to fly sooner, though, it would be more expensive -- as an example, buying a ticket today for this coming Saturday (two days from now) would cost about $60 more.

    Once you've determined when you want to fly, you can use a site such as orbitz.com (or other sites, such as travelocity.com, expedia.com, or kayak.com) to research the prices that apply to your situation.

    (I'd also note that all of the flights to Fresno in your situation will have one stop, regardless of the airport you fly from, unless you depart from LAX -- they have nonstop flights from there to FAT. Keep in mind, though, that the non-stop flights may be considerably more expensive from LAX than the one-stop flights from LGB or SNA.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok so go to www.imaginedeals.com - they have the cheapest prices.. if you sign up as a preferred customer - which is free to sign up -it shows you the best deals

    in "from" type in garden grove, and it will give you the list..

    i checked for beginning of june. its $73/person one way ticket -

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