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What penalties should be imposed on British Petroleum now that they have ruined the GULF of MEXICO ?

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    Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported

    STATE STREET CORPORATION 42,729,671 1.37 $2,477,039,027 31-Dec-09

    WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLP 31,676,481 1.01 $1,836,285,603 31-Dec-09

    BARROW, HANLEY MEWHINNEY & STRAUSS, INC. 14,600,816 .47 $846,409,303 31-Dec-09

    BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION 14,336,588 .46 $831,092,006 31-Dec-09

    STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE CO 13,052,048 .42 $756,627,222 31-Dec-09

    PRICE (T.ROWE) ASSOCIATES INC 12,093,851 .39 $701,080,542 31-Dec-09

    GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC 11,583,492 .37 $671,495,031 31-Dec-09

    MORGAN STANLEY 10,970,987 .35 $635,988,116 31-Dec-09

    FMR LLC 8,152,575 .26 $472,604,772 31-Dec-09

    Tradewinds Global Investors, LLC 7,309,788 .23 $423,748,410 31-Dec-09

    Sue their *** off, the owners are mostly American companies

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    -They should be held Responsible for Paying for as MUCH of the Clean-up as is Necessary to make the Gulf "right" again. Anything MORE than That- will only end up costing US More- in Gas prices, in the long run... -So be CAREFUL what you would "impose" on BP !!! They could EASILY "return the Favor..! " :(

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    What more do you want from them, they sent an FTD apology boquet? You know that the expense of this is passed directly on to tax-payers, even though this is British Petroleum and they should pass the expense on to people at the gas pump.

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    pay off the national debt

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    stop watching MSNBC

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