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How to turn on backlight for Schwinn 17-Function Bike computer?

I somehow got it on when I first got it (today) but then after reading the instructions I correctly calibrated it. But I cannot find ANYWHERE in the manual where it says how to turn the backlight on! it even lists it in the features. Help!

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    It should light up with a touch of any of the buttons. It's not very bright so you can't see it in the daytime. It doesn't stay on long either.

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    i;ve never seen that for anything under $100

    probably doesn;t have it

    on the other hand:

    Perfectly satisfied On: 2009-09-20

    A lot of people seem to complain about not having a wireless computer. Frankly who cares? Just one more thing to go wrong. This wired computer works perfectly. Took me all of about 5 minutes to get all hooked up. Some people were complaining that it is really hard to get the sensor aligned and working. I had no trouble. I saw one comment stating that this had to be within 1mm and that is simply not true. Mine is closer to half a centimeter away from the receiver and works perfectly fine. The display is perfectly readable in daylight and pressing the left button turns on a backlight which makes it easy to read at night (the light turns off after about 5 seconds).


    great price, works great On: 2008-09-21

    1/2 the price of local stores on Amazon. works great. It helps me know the time so I can pedal faster so Im not late.... & then it tells me just how fast Im going as I contemplate how I should have left a few minutes earlier, so I could enjoy the ride more. If I wanted to, I could also figure out the fat Im losing by the calories, I suppose, but Ive never been one to count those things... too many better things to be concerned with. I say, just look at your gut.... it will tell u if u already used the fuel you ate yesterday or not. I used this computer for a while now & had no problems. My only complaint is the supposed "backlight"... it is more like a flash of light that displays when u push a button that also sets other features if u are not careful


    Good but not as good as wireless ones On: 2008-08-16

    I suggest getting this bike computer instead if you have more money. Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

    It didnt really have 13 functions it really had about 8 or 9. Backlight isnt a function even though it says it is. and the distance is the same as the odometer in every way.



  • 10 years ago

    Does it even have a back light? For about $12.50, I wouldn't think so. The answer may be in a review on Link below...

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