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Can anyone give me an example of usage of direct access files containing structures in C++?

I have to write a Program that reads information from a file with direct access and change some stuff in it. ( I have to save info about students in this file )

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    Direct access means that you can seek in a file according to an index file.

    1. file contains id, other i.e. human readable information, and an offset into the file

    2. file contains data with identical recordlengths

    So you would use the index file in order to identify the information you want to retrieve

    from the direct access file.

    // record structure for direct access

    struct Person {

    int id;

    char szName[30];

    char szAddress[60];



    struct PersonIDX {

    int id;

    char szName[15]; // to have an idea who this could be

    unsigned offset;


    In C you would use fread/fwrite, fseek and ftell in order to move around

    In C++ this would be an outline of an update function

    void update_patient()


    Person p;

    PersonIDX idx;

    fstream f1, f11;

    int person_no = 0; "person.dat" , ios::in|ios::out|ios::binary ); ( "personIDX.dat", ios::in|ios::binary );

    cout<<"Please enter Person ID to modify";



    if( {

    // get the update information










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    Research the following functions (a good spot would be

    - fopen(): open file for reading/writing/both

    - fscanf(): read from file

    - fprintf(): write to a file

    - fclose(): close the file that was opened by fopen()

    Define the structures, and then use those functions correctly to read/write the file.

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