Which is better (faster) and stronger? 2011 Ford Mustang GT or 2010 BMW 335i base?

the 2011 mustang gt has like 420hp and the 335i only has 300hp. so doesn't it make sense that the gt would own the 335i? but then how come the 335i costs like twice the price of the ford mustang 2011 gt?

or am i wrong?

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  • ZCT
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    10 years ago
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    The worth of a car is not measured by engine size, horse power or even speed. It's all about build quality, materials use, overall driver enjoyment, service, residual values, safety, handling, and much more.

    What you have with the Ford Mustang GT is a cheaply made Ford. Just look at the amount of cheap plastics used and other low quality parts in the poorly designed interior. The mechanicals are awful too. The suspension and rear axle are horribly dated, any kind of electronic stability and traction control is old fashioned.

    In terms of brute force, the Mustang is the clear winner. In a straight line it will, as you put it, own the BMW (although really we are talking less than half a second difference 0-60). But throw in some real life driving, with turns, and you'd immediately appreciate the BMWs poise and handling. versus the clumsy Mustang with its single rear axle.

    When you sit in the BMW, you'll find a classically designed vehicle that has won top ten ranking by Car and Driver for something like 19 years in a row. You'll see expensive wood, and quality materials. Everything you touch has a feel of quality to it.

    You can expect good reliability from the BMW, it will hold its value well, and for the first 50,000 miles you can expect free servicing, even oil changes, brakes and wiper blades replaced for free.

    Finally, if you are a grown up, you will realize that in this day and age, racing around in a muscle car so fast you can out accelerate a BMW 335i, is just going to end with bad things. Tickets, loss of license, jail, fines, you name it.

    For most normal people, they are going to use their cars for a daily commute to work, and perhaps a trip at the weekends.

    The BMW will ultimately be a wonderfully fast and rewarding driving experience. The Mustang on the other hand will always be a young boys racer. The harsh antiquated suspension, noise, and over the top styling, combined with that nasty interior, will grow old very quickly. And when you sell it, don't expect to do well there. Fords are not great at holding their value. When you try to sell your Mustang, there will be a dozen others just like it, helping to keep your value down.

    Finally there is insurance. The Mustangs reputation as being a car for immature males with a racing fetish will ensure they stick it to you on the insurance premiums. The in your face styling will also make you a cop magnet.

    Sorry, but there is no real comparison between these two vehicles, I'd take the BMW any day over the Mustang, and gladly pay the extra for that kind of quality.

    • Anna6 years agoReport

      This is 4 years old and reading this made me laugh so I had to comment. I own both cars and BMW surprisingly has cheap aspects and the new Mustangs have stepped their game up. BMW has kept their interiors the same without much change while the new Mustangs have been changing. In the end I love both

  • jay
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    10 years ago

    Because it's not all about HP. But, the mustang does "own" the 335i in a 0-60 sprint. The mustang can do it in the mid 4 range and the 335 in the high 4 range.

    The base mustang GT starts at 33695. The 2011 335i coupe is 42650. So it's only 9 grand less. If you've driven both, you'll feel that 9 grand right away. The 335i is a precise piece of machinery, suspension, brakes, engine, gearbox, interior, class, sport...It's the whole package. In my opinion it's worth more than 9 grand over the mustang.

  • 10 years ago

    The Mustang GT will win in a race, but it won't have the luxury features or luxury interior of a BMW.

    If you just want a fast car and don't mind a crappy interior, get a Mustang. If you like cruisin' in style, try a BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, Audi, Infiniti, etc. Plus the suspensions in each of those cars I listed is far nicer than a Mustang GT.

    Luxury > speed. Ride > speed. You hardly ever get to use all the power in a BMW not to mention a Mustang GT anyway.

  • 10 years ago

    A yamaha motorbike has more horsepower per passenger too...shouldn't it cost more? You are dealing with a BMW - which really is in a class of it's own regarding luxury and performance and comparing it to a very good car, Mustang GT, but it isn't in a class of it's own...compare Ford Mustang/camaro/challenger/nissan z - all similar and compete with each other. The only competition to BMW is maybe Mercedes or Lexus - both of which are more old guy luxury rather then BMW young performance.

    Similarly, comparing a Lamborghini to a BMW. A Lambo is in a class of it's own.

    Source(s): Only own BMW cars for last 20 years.
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  • 10 years ago

    bmw everytime,bmw cost more because its a prestige motor with a lot of electronic aids.(asc/dsc/abs,traction control/lsd/fly by wire.whats the mustang got apart from the engine tone.

  • The BMW by quite a distance.

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