Why would I need ANOTHER root canal in the same tooth that I already had one?

I went about 6 years ago and got 6 permanent caps. She did 2 root canals and said I'll be okay. Then I went back and she said I need to get the other 2 that she didn't do and that she's going to have to "re-do" the 2 that were already done. Everyone I know is telling me go back for a second opinion (before I go through more of this crap). I can't afford this and I'm tired of going there for ALL of this WORK! =( Thanks! =/

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  • frdrtd
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    10 years ago
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    Root canals, as any treatment, are not 100% guaranteed. 5-7% of all root canals fail. So it is not uncommon to have to re-do a root canal. It is not because the dentist made a mistake and did not get all of the "dead tissue" out, or that there is a "crack" in the root. If there was a crack, the tooth would be pulled. And after a root canal is done, there most certainly is "root" there. How else would the tooth stay in the bone? The tooth is also connected to bone and tissue, so pain can still be a factor, even after a root canal.

    Having a root canal re-done is not painful, but can get expensive. I do suggest getting a second opinion and especially having one from an endodontist, someone whose sole form of treatment rendered in their office is root canals. This is all they do and went to school for an extra two years to learn their specialty.

    If you find that you do not need to have the root canals, find a dentist who does not over-treat her patients.

    Source(s): 30+ yrs as a dental assistant/office manager
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    Once a root canal is done there is no more root there to cause pain, there may just be a crack in the tooth itself. I would call back and ask what exactly they are doing to do. Also make sure it is not on the same teeth that already had a root canal.

    The only thing I can think of is that they might have to re-fit the piece they put on over your tooth if it is close to a tooth that needs a root canal. Again, double check with your dentist.

  • 4 years ago

    It shouldn't be as painful as the first time, as there is is less nerve tissue there. Sucks that your first dentist screwed up, though. I've found that the discomfort of a root canal is much less than the pain prior to having the root canal done. It's a relief when it's over.

  • 10 years ago

    If you went to a regular dentist, then you should be going to an Endodontist...they specialize in "root canals"....My friend an endontist summed it up when he said, If you had a heart attack, would you go to a general practitioner (family doctor) or would you go to a cardiac specialist....

    Well, you know my answer....

    My opinion is that a regular dentist shouldn't be doing these procedures because most often they can be complicated and not done properly by a general dentist in his office. Go to specialist, if your dentist didn't do it correctly the first time, why do you think she can correct the mistake she made?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sometimes they won't get all of the dead root or infection out, and it can become infected again. I had a root canal earlier this year and my dentist warned me that I may need a second one in future, although it was unlikely. I'm sorry to hear that you'll have to go through it again. Best of luck.

  • 10 years ago

    frdrtd gives great advice. Listen to her.

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