Do you think EFFY is a valid nickname for GENEVIEVE [+BQs]?

Not for a child, for a teenage girl.

Just tell me if you think it would work, or if you think it'd "throw you off" a bit:)


1. If you could take, or could have taken, a course in Baby Names at your school, would you have done so? How well do you think you'd have done?

2. Would would you name triplet girls with the initials FL, OW and ER if their names all had to related to nature in some way?

3. What's your favourite word? If you had to use it as a name, what gender would you use it on and what middle would you pair with it?

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's a bit of a stretch, but honestly nicknames come from everywhere and sometimes the nicknames that are a bit of a stretch are the best (you've still got me loving Scout from Scarlett). I also think there are a lot of nicknames that are closer and not such a stretch but are still quite cute (I like Gen, Ginny, Vivi, Eve). But honestly, I think it would work fine :)

    BQ1: YES! That would have been amazing! I'd also like to educate some of the kids I went to school with who are already having kids (especially the girl who named her daughter Madduhlynne Kupkake-LilyRose). I think I would have done quite well unless there was a section on unique names :P


    -- Flora Lillian "Lora"

    -- Olive Wren "Livvy"

    -- Estrella Rose "Ella" (Estrella means Star)


    -- I love the word "Imagine", because I'm a creative person inside... and I love dreaming up stories :)

    -- I'd use it on a girl, because it's quite similar to Imogen.

    -- Imagine Viola "Immy"


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Great questions!

    I don't like Effy at all. It's not very feminine or pretty. Genevieve is too pretty to use a nickname, in my opinion. But as far as whether or not it's a VALID nickname for Genevieve, I'm not sure. It's hard for me to judge, cause I had an uncle named Thomas who everyone called Timmy :) But at the same time that's just a nickname, not necessarily a nickname that's connected to the given name. And I don't think nicknames MUST be pertaining to the given name. So I guess it could be a nickname, sure, but I don't think it sounds like it is derived from Genevieve.

    BQ1 - I would have LOVED to take a baby name course at my school, and I think I would have done awesome at it. I started buying baby name books in high school just cause I've always been fascinated, so this would have been one of my favorite classes, I'm sure. But knowing the teachers at our school system they'd never offer this at school because they'd see it as encouraging teens towards pregnancy.

    BQ2 - I would probably go with the names Freesia Lark, Oaklee Winter and Echo River. All of these names are pretty, and I think they flow together well too, because Freesia shares the "ee" sound with Oaklee, and Oaklee shares the "o" sound with Echo.

    BQ3 - I'm not sure what to say here cause I don't really think I have a favorite word.

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  • No. It works, actually quite well. Coming for a person who is probably going to call Lilah, Lily, which would probably throw most people off :)


    1. Probably not. It would have been great, but considering I was pregnant twice in High School, baby naming wouldn't have been my first choice. Although it would have been fantastic, and I think I would do okay at least. I have a lot of people who love my favorite baby names and a lot of people who hate them.

    2. Felice Lily, Olivia Willow {although it's not my favorite name} and Evangeline Raine.

    "Felice, Liv & Eva"

    3. Oh god. My favorite word is ember, so I guess a girl? I just love the word ember for some reason. I guess Ember Caitlin?

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  • 10 years ago

    I personally don't think Effy is a good nickname.. Try.. Gene or Vie?

    1. Hmm.. I would. I love names and helping others out. But on the other hand.. courses are mostly for to help you with your career choice.. It would probably be really easy and fun but not useful..

    2. Faith Leah, Olivia Wendy, Ella Riley... They sound like nature I guess... lol

    3. Agroof (means to fall flat on your face.) Girl Agroof Sophia LOL

    My favorite name of all times is Ella Alexis and Sophia Ann!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Effy would be a stretch, but it would definitely be valid. The 'ev' from GenEVieve to me READS a sound like 'EF' { think of the 'EV' from Everlee}, so I think it would be perfectly acceptable. I love the nickname Effy, by the way; very feminine.

    BQ-1} I would DEFINITELY take a Baby Names Course! I'd hope {!} to get an A++. I'd actually be eager to revise!

    BQ-2} Flora Lily, Orchid Willow & Estella Rose.

    = )

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yeah, I think it could work. I like Ginny for Genevieve and thats kinda random. Effy is a cute teenage name :) Go for it!

    1. Hell yes :) I would have aced it!

    2. Flora Lily. Orchid Willow. (Dec)Ember Raine. ♥

    3. Joy. I say it sarcastically the whole time. 'Oh Joyyy'. My friends get very annoyed :P. I would use it for a girl :) Joy Sienna OR Joy Violet.

    Fun :)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's a little out there but I wouldn't mind. It might seem more obvious if her name were Genoveffa, the Italian version of Genevieve.


    1. Sure, why not? I think I'd have done reasonably well.


    Fawn Linnea, Orchid Willow, and Ember Rainn. Heh, the 3rd one got my middle name, Rainn.

    3. Shenanigans. Probably on a girl. Shenanigans Matilda Eurydice. Call her "Nan" or "Sheena" for short. =]

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  • 10 years ago

    Effy- I think it is okay but when you say Effy, I dont automatically think Genevieve.

    Maybe Evi (eh-vee) or Genny, or Gen, Ginny is also a nice one. Vievey, Vieve.

    But I think the name Genevieve is so pretty. It makes me think of a princess. I love it and if ou want to use Effy, I think that is valid and totally fine.

    1) Lol Yeah I would and I think I would do okay. It would be really fun.

    2) Oh wow. That is so original. I love that idea. That would be really cool. Fiona Lianne, Olivia Wynne, and Erica Raine

    3) I love the word BUBBLE. I think it would probably have to be female, because honestly could you imagine a teenage boy introducing himself as Bubble or Bubbles. LOL

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  • 10 years ago

    I think it works. I prefer the spelling Effie.

    1. I totally would have! I definitely would get an A++.

    2. Finley Lakelyn, Olivia Willow, and Ella Rivers

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  • 10 years ago

    I'd personally think it'd throw me off a bit but everyone to their own :)

    BQ1 - Probably not. However, I think I could've done pretty well if I had

    BQ2 - Felicity Lyra, Olivia Wren and Elizabeth Rowan

    BQ3 - My favourite word (or a word that I tend to use a lot) is 'anywho'. I'd probably use it for a boy and it'd probably be Anywho Ryan.


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