can anyone please list all modern acronyms frequently used on net?

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    1 decade ago
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    I would be surprised but worth a try

    Chat Slang and Acronyms used in chat rooms, IM, and email

    6 Aug 2003 ... List of chat room slang, lingo, terms, and acronyms used in IM, chat and other

    computer related lingo.

    Freeware Hall of Fame - Acronyms & Emoticons Used in the Computer ...

    27 Apr 2009 ... ACRONYMS AND EMOTICONS USED IN THE COMPUTER COMMUNITY .... of "Pitabytes," term

    coined at FHOF to mean spam and Internet advertising) ...

    Chat Acronyms used in E-mail, IM, and Text Messaging

    A searchable database of e-mail, online chat, and text messaging acronyms,

    abbreviations, and slang. - Internet Acronyms

    A list of commonly used Internet acronyms on the Internet including ... Below is

    a chart which describes the most commonly used acronyms on the Internet. ...

    Net Lingua (Internet Language) > Acronyms and abbreviations

    If you think you know an acronym, initialism, or other abbreviation widely used

    on the Internet that ought to be included in this dictionary, please send it ...

    The Largest List of Text Message Shorthand (IM, SMS) and Internet ...

    NetLingo List of Internet Acronyms & Text Message Jargon ... Commonly used

    wherever people get online -- whether by text message, IM, SMS, email, ...

    Far too many to copy over have a browse - AL64 on its own had a screenful.

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