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PCOS vs. POF Symptoms and diagnoses?

I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure about a month ago after not having a period for over 6 months and high FSH and LH levels. I also had Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome back in 2005. What are the symptoms for each one and can they mimic each other? Is it possable that maybe just my PCOS is back?

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    POF means that you do not ovulate. POF means that you have already gone into menopause, and get every menopause symptom. (night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, etc) POF means that you most probably still have a menstrual cycle each and every month, but never ovulate. See the differences already between POF and PCOS? The fact that you stated that you haven't had a menstrual cycle for 6 months tells me right off the bat that it's not POF. That's more like PCOS. Furthermore, POF can only be diagnosed by an RE. Not a GYN. Also, my DH reminded me that our RE told us when he diagnosed me with POF that this diagnosis can only be made after two failed stim cycles within a 6 month period between each other; and you must have used the highest doses of the strongest stim meds available to arrive at said diagnosis. So again, I think that either you misunderstood or miscommunicated the diagnosis your GYN gave you, or your GYN doesn't know what they're talking about. I strongly suggest you ask your RE when you see him/her on June 2nd. Best of luck to you. :)

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    Your doc probably said you have POF because of the high FSH hormone.

    When your ovaries are running low, your body has to make more and more FSH in order to ovulate. So if you have a lot of FSH, it means you ovarian reserve is running low.

    I'm not a doctor and you should definitely see an RE about this since they are EXPERTS on hormones. I've heard so many stories about GYNs misinterpreting data and REs finding the real issues or having a totally different viewpoint on the labwork.

    Incidentally, PCOS usually (but not always) has a high LH:FSH ratio... meaning LH is twice as high as FSH. If you are running out of eggs, this may skew things though so I'm not sure.

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    pcos pof symptoms diagnoses

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    If you've ever been diagnosed in the past with any sort of infection (even minor ones), there is an outside chance that it is etiologically-related. For example, this research cites past and chronic anaerobic infection, as well as some other bad guys. This also may not be the case, but there is some research out there, and it may be one of many explanations for oscillating symptoms.

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    Ive never heard of pof, but pcos never "goes away" hun.

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