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How Long will Israel wait before attacking Iran?

Obama is still waiting for China and Russia to come on board for UN Sanctions against Iran, even as "A bad dinner jacket" builds more centrifuges, missiles, and almost daily threatens Israel with destruction.

Now Russia is "warning" Obama not to impose 'unilateral sanctions' link

And Israeli PM Netanyahu patiently warns that Israel will not wait much longer for the International do-nothing to haggle with a mad dictator racing towards nuclear Armageddon!


Please opine with pithy comments from anywhere...even Tehran, anytimeanytime is so inclined. And when answering, no anti-Semitic diatribes allowed in the No Spin Zone!

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    10 years ago
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    Israel will do what's in their best interests...

    they will NOT bow to pressure from much of anyone...

    and they can't

    they are literally SURROUNDED by nations that want them all DEAD...

    Iran, if they get with in spitting distance of offensive nuclear capabilities that could HIT Isreal...


    his capitol

    his key military targets

    and a lot of people...

    will be wafting into the ionosphere...


    Source(s): 20 Jan 2013 THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!
  • Bill
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    10 years ago

    Iran has missed an important point of fact: nature. On the planet Earth the wind usually blows from the west to the east. If Iran were to attack Israel with nuclear weapons the fallout would blow back on the middle east farther than Iran. Yes, Israel would be crippled severely, but more Arabs would die than Jews.

    Israel sits and waits. She does have long memories. When the time is necessary, either pressure from the US, Russia, Britain, China, France or the Arab states will nullify the threat or Israel will end the threat with determination and force. Iran should wake up and smell the neutrons.

  • 10 years ago

    The answer lies in inside information that none of us have outside a very small circle of high up people. It depends on when there's an opening & how far along Iran is & how likely sanctions are at working.

    I happen to know there's a company not in Iran in a different aspect of natural resources that is being considered by Israel for part of the game plan at making sanctions work on Iran. It was not official info & that's enough said. But it tells you (& me) that Israel wants not to do this & is still fighting for ways outside of military.

    It's to they're advantage to hold off until Iranian protestors win. No one but no one can predict that one. It's what everyone for democracy or free theocracy wants since the current theocracy has turned into a totalitarian regime to some significant extent. It's to their advantage to do something before Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Egypt panic. They are putting Israel under much pressure to do something before the region goes into an arms race.

    So my answer is as vague as can be. No one knows what will be the best move. And only those with access to secret info are in a place to make any real judgements. Anything you see in the news can be real views or postoring for some goal. We can't tell.

    On your comments, I'm not sure if people realize that Ahmendiajad literally has an Armageddon view of what he's doing. He religiously thinks that by attacking & threatening Israel, i.e. an intruder in his Muslim owed Middle East, he can hasten the coming of the Muslim end time scenario (his extremists version of it -- not the moderate's version), & cement a great place for himself in the afterlife. It's that nuts.

    What has become very clear is Iran is building in secret & those facilities are good for weapons grade development & not for energy development. We can pretend they may not be doing it -- but between Qom & the lastest findings as well, the doubts are gone. Even Russia was shocked at what was being kept from them -- and Russia tends to be a sort of ally with Iran & has been somewhat supportive of them (it's part of a long long history plus they are close in neighborhood). Russia thought it was on the inner circle with Iran & in the know -- so Qom finding shocked the stuffing out of them. But with Russia you can never tell what they are thinking --- as the standard international politics jokes go.

  • Polly
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    10 years ago

    The sad thing it is Israel is one of oldest most loyal allies.

    Obama seems to be on the side of Russia and China and therefore advocating FOR Iran!

    Didn't Obama learn anything from Carter's fiasco w. Iran?

    If I were Israel, I'd just do it. Blwo 'em away! They deserve it too.

    Even our Air Force isn't as ruthless as Isreal's.!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The reason Russia is " warning " Obama is because they are backdooring all sorts of crap INTO Iran.

    And we've all seen just how EFFECTIVE the UN is. Their thoughts mean nothing to any nation on this planet.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Iran is crawling with Israeli spies and the list is growing by the day.

    As soon as Iran is at the cusp of nuclear viability they will get the same treatment syria got.


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Jim Sock nailed it.

    Iran is crawling with Israeli spies. Israel will wait until the last moment, and take it out. As well they should.

    Anyone who doubts Israel's ability to do this, quickly and efficiently, is deluded.

    Jim Sock has the best answer.

  • 10 years ago

    The exact time they feel they have enough intel then they will attack!!

    I am betting and praying for Israel!!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They've waited six years, there is doubt that Israel can destroy Iran's facilities to any great extent so as to make it worth it.

  • 10 years ago

    I can't make any comments. I believe in the "Mind your own business" point of view and I don't support zionist lobbies.

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