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Has the US ever offered Mexico foreign assistance in their crackdown on corruption?

If so, does Mexico need that foreign assistance or is their federal police and military transparent enough to clean up their own local police? I know that US intervention in Mexico would not require a lot of troops.

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    Mexico would REJECT any Gringos on their soil. Mexican officials already exploit & blackmail US tourists.

    The US has committed up to 1.5 Billion $$$ to try to help against Mexico's drug wars.

    Pressure Rises For More U.S. Aid In Mexico’s Drug War

    "Thousands of Mexican troops and hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. aid have failed to stem the drug wars plaguing Mexico's northern border region."

    "In 2007, the Bush administration and its Mexican counterpart signed the Merida Initiative, a three-year $1.5 billion plan to fight the narcotics trade. While the money has been appropriated, the spending of it is still in the works."

    Corruption is to deep - some of the money might even flow back in 'kick backs' to this corruption Obama administration.

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  • Anonymous
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    How would troops stop corruption exactly? give it some thought, which units exactly are skilled in the detective work and forensic accounting needed to clean up corruption? MPS are fine for breaking up bar fights, but they're virtually untrained in most police work. Mexico already has plenty of guys with machine guns, American guys with machine guns wouldn't help.

    US law enforcement has worked with the Mexican government for years. The US had provided a number of resources to the government.

    It comes down to the drug trade is too much money. Unless the US is willing to subsidize police salaries in Mexico to the point where drug dealers can't casually offer a years wages to any officer they need to bribe, it won't be cleaned up. Take a look at how we keep our own police from becoming corrupt, a decent wage coupled with an ethic to weed out corruption a, yet we still aren't successful all the time.

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