Verizon Fios: Is it just as good as Comcast?

I'm thinking about leaving Comcast obviously because it is over priced. Thought about Verizon Fios as I am not a fan of Dish networks. Any suggestions? Please advise.

Thanks for all your help. Have a wonderful day! :D

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    10 years ago
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    Heres the biggest problems with FIOS----It is a two year commitment...If you decide after a few months you dont like it or move to and area they dont cover you are stuck with hundreds of dollars in termination fees..Sure the promotion looks good-but they are very good at not including all the taxes and other fees and by the time thats done you will be lucky to save $25 a month....Get them to write you a quote that includes everything but dont sign the contract,,,Call Comcast and threaten to cancel your service if they cant reduce your rate...They had me fax over my Verizon quote and matched the price....Although I didnt get a free month---I got a better price without a termination fee hanging over my head if I need to cancel it.

  • mark
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    10 years ago

    As a former Customer and current FIOS customer, I am still debating myself on this issue.

    I have the verizon triple play (TV, Phone, Internet). There are some things that I liked about each service.

    1) Comcast has a better TV interface. I just like the design of Comcast better when it comes to menu, on-demand.......etc

    2) Verizon has a marginally faster internet (but I really have not seen any effective difference personally and I use a lot of bandwidth)

    3) Verizon forces you to use their modem/router and I hate it

    4) Comcast gives you free Mcaffe antivirus whereas Verizon charges you a monthly fee for the same thing

    5) I absolutely hate Verizon billing. It took them about 1 year to get my bill right despite me wasting about 1 hour each month on the phone with them. Even now, while its correct, its created in a way that makes reconciliation difficult.

    6) I also am not a big fan of the fact that Verizon seems to turn everything into a service they can charge for. Although, in all honesty, this is more of a Verizon wireless issue (not a FIOS issue......YET),

  • 10 years ago

    I had Comcast years ago and have FIOS now. So I can't tell you how good or bad Comcast is now but on FIOS, their internet service is very stable and fast, HD tv is clear with no pixelation as it's fiber and they use no compression, land line phone service is excellent with all services included, call waiting, forwarding, tv on screen display, etc.

    They have issues when a billing problem occurs, so you have to hope they get it right. They took some channels away from my tier of HD recently even tho I am on a contract. I don't like that. And they keep changing the tv packages and raising the prices, I don't like that either, but I think all the cable companies are doing that now.

    So, FIOS quality = Excellent. FIOS Customer Service = Poor.

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