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Have other people heard of Thompson Twins?

They are their with Nirvana and Girls Aloud on the list of artists who should be banned.


I liked their songs. A pupil at my school once pointed out their hits were in a bargain basement.

One of my teachers liked their songs too. I remember that at my school, people liking them were liable to be beaten up.

Update 2:

Amanda & Winterwolf: they were criticised by NME and by the Guardian.

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    I really liked them when I was a kid. Alannah now lives in Auckland, NZ, and the white guy has written a few non-fiction books I think. Don't know what the other guy's doing.

    Why would somebody want to ban them??? They were less controversial than Olivia Newton-John! They even did an anti drug song

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    Never heard of them... What do you mean banned. like with the whole bonfire and cd burning. Did they say they were more popular than John in the Beatles!! Its so stupid to banned music it makes no sense!!

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    You must mean those totally untalented pair of idiots from the x factor sooner forgotten the better .

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    i've heard of them but never heard their music

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