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What if, the United States went to war with North Korea, who would prevail?

im curious


There would be alot of casualities in this war

Update 2:

I like that response Richard, it makes sense and i actually never thought that China would defect and help North Korea, there is something going on there.

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    United States would prevail quite easily, however, their criteria for victory in such a circumstance would be similarly high- it may not actually be a 'Victory' in their eyes.

    (also, North Korea may hate the United States in writing and the masses, but the leadership is more educated and calm and collected, which, in conjunction with their totalitarian control over the nation SHOULD ensure a reasonable amount of stability - They probably dont actually want war, because war is change, and change of any sort risks destablisation, which is unacceptable to what is basically an aristocracy in North Korea)

    That (first paragraph criteria) is to say, North Korea has a ****load of conventional, nuclear and (suspected) biological weaposn at its disposal, all pointed at South Korea and Japan, in the event of Total War (and North Korea, I would daresay, knows no other kind), both countries would be devastated and the United States would lose two key allies in the area.

    On the note about China aiding North Korea, I personally do not think so, I do not think they are prepared to go to war with a Nuclear superpower for the sake of one troublesome and self centered (in terms of the leadership class), nor would they risk losing vital trade ties with the United States and her allies that are (currently) her economic lifeblood.

    So yeah, in the unlikely event of war, the United States would prevail (though a conventional war with North Korea may result in something that would make the Pacific Campaign of WW2 look like childs play) in either a nuclear war or regular invasion (North Korea's nukes arent advanced enough to reach the US just yet, and the US has ships with sufficient anti-missile technologies to intercept), the United States would 'Prevail', but at a terrible (if not UNACCEPTABLE) cost in terms of the geopoltical balance of power within the area, such as: the loss of allies, the general angst of the neighbours, the radioactive fallout of a nuclear war, the high casualties that would result from an anti insurgency campaign (that is almost guaranteed if the troops go in) and so on and so forth.

    In that sense, they would not necessarily 'Win', because North Korea is small, to use the old adage, they may win the *Geopolitical* Battle, but they will probably Lose the *Geopolitical* War (that is, short term vs long term impacts on Oceanic-US relations)

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    United States would win. I liked richards answer as well but you have to remember that the United States has many more Allies then North Korea, the United States has better trained solders, the best weapons, and the United States militarize technology is almost 25 years more advanced then any other military. Not to many countries like North Korea and China has numbers but there training, equipment, and weapons suck.

    Ok back to the point if United States went to war with North Korea the war would take place in North Korea, Hundreds of thousands of American and foreign allie solders would be sent in to fight by Air, land, and water. It could start WW3 and the only reason we would ever go to war with North Korea would be because they were trying to take over the world or put our country or our Allies country in danger.

    After thousands of deaths the United States and Its Allies (UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, and South Korea) would come out with the win if the world wasn't blown to hell by the end of the war.

    That was a good question I hope I answered it well.

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    This situation would happen if the North attack the south, and the USA would have to retaliate. North Korea has a mysterious relationship with China. China always block sanctions against Norh Korea, and it could be possible that China would fight for North Korea believe it or not. This is the interesting thing, for the first ever time the USA may be brought into a War by itself because of South Korea. This is a reversal of fortune as going back to a couple of years all the Wars were in Europe and did not involve the USA. Now the USA is in a very dangerous position, stuck in the Mideast, North Korea Sabre rattling, Europe in economic competition with it and China and Russia trying to compete with its military. Something has to give soon it is only a matter of time.

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    the U. S. is obligated to take care of Japan in circumstances which incorporate this (because of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and secure practices) and so we'd maximum in all danger be compelled to flow to conflict. the real difficulty right here is who might connect North Korea. particularly some human beings have been crying out that North Korea, Russia, and China will band at the same time and start up international conflict 3, yet it is the final factor that a minimum of Russia and China want, and the two one among them have recently been strongly discouraging North Korea from appearing those "missile" assessments. Russia and China are no longer stupid. China's significant stated targets with their relatives with North Korea is to circumvent them going to conflict (and making their coastline a objective dangerously on the factor of North Korea), and to circumvent a crumple of North Korea to circumvent an inflow of refugees. do no longer overestimate China and Russia's potential over North Korea's decision-making, as they seem to be a fiercely self sufficient, if thoroughly erroneous u . s . a .. i might in my view no longer placed it previous North Korea to start a conflict they won't probable win only in an attempt to create a international armed forces conflict, although i wish any thought of such an attempt might in no way come to fruition, and have been it to accomplish that, i'm specific that Russia and China might in all danger no longer come to information from North Korea, if only for the reality that usa is a miles better commerce important different than North Korea. a minimum of i might wish that the better international powers today might comprehend that petty alliances are what started the 1st international conflict.

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    if the u.s. went to war with north korea and say china closed the border between north korea and china started a second front and invaded fron the north and the most i would say 6 months tops .

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    United stares we are far more powerful then north korea with or without the backing of the U.N.

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    Nothing against North Korea, but I'm sure that they'll be beaten by the US. N.Korea may have quite an arsenal, but they would be pitted against American material, both in quantity and quality.

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    The Rich.


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