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xoxo asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯成英文句子! 不要翻譯軟體喔

1. 醫生建議他住院治療。(recommend)

2. 學生請求將考試延期一週舉行。(request)

3. 控制污染和終至消除污染是很重要的。(imperative)

4. 雖然只開三個小時,但主席建議(會議)散會。(move)

5. 沒有識別證就沒人可以被准許進入屋內是很重要的。(important)

6. 她要求我們一定要在出去之前將門鎖上。(ask)

7. 大陪審團已經命令將傑克交付審判。(order)

8. 我們堅持你不要在晚上單獨回家。(insist)

9. 海倫提議我成為她的生意伙伴。(propose)

10. 我強烈建議我們的祕密計劃不應該公開。(suggest)

11. 你們應該要有效分配時間是十分必要的。(essential)

12. 我強烈建議你在中國大陸旅遊時應該要買醫療保險。(advise)

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    1 decade ago
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    The doctor recommends him to be hospitalized for further treatment.2. The students request to delay the examination to a week later.

    3. It is imperative that we have to control and eliminate pollution.

    4. The chairman dismissed the missing though it’s only last for three hours. (I don’t know how to put move in this sentence).

    5. It is very important that we do not allow those people to be entered into the premises without an ID.

    6. She asks us to lock the door before going out.

    7. The Grand Jury had ordered the sentencing for Jack’s case.

    8. We insist that you should not go home alone at night.

    9. Helen proposes that I should be her business partner.

    10. I strongly suggest that our plan must be kept in a confidential manner.

    11. It is essential that we have to manage our time efficiently.

    12. I strongly advise that you should buy medical insurance when travelling to China .

    2010-05-14 06:11:13 補充:

    4. Should be dismissed the meeting.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. the doctor advised him to hospital treatment. (recommend)

    2. the request to postpone the examination of students for a week. (request)

    3. control of pollution and conducive to eliminating pollution is very important. (imperative)

    4. Although only lasted three hours, but the Chairman proposed that the meeting (meeting). (move)

    5. no identification card no one can be permitted to enter the House is very important. (important)

    6. She asked for we have to go before the door. (ask)

    7. the grand jury has command will Jack trial. (order)

    8. we insist that you do not go home alone at night. (insist)

    9. Helen suggested I become business partners. (propose)

    10. I strongly suggest our secret plan should not be made public. (suggest)

    11. you should allocate time to effectively is essential. (essential)

    12. I strongly advise you in the Mainland should be to buy medical insurance. (advise)

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