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我需要翻譯.. ..關於車種介紹!

The Maserati GranCabrio is an original take on the exclusivity, versatility and pure driving pleasure that has always distinguished the Maserati marque. The first four-seater cabriolet to have been designed and built at the company’s Modena HQ, the GranCabrio is the only open-top car in its category able to comfortably accommodate four adults in an elegant and luxurious cabin. The GranCabrio transforms from a splendid coupé into a breathtaking cabriolet: press a button with the car travelling under 30km/h and the roof – cloth, as per Maserati tradition – smoothly slides away. All this takes only 25 seconds. With the top down, the GranCabrio is free to show off its lean, muscular profile, the work of master coachbuilder Pininfarina. The 20” wheel rims, which come as standard, also transmit this feeling of power and verve. The GranCabrio’s chassis was crafted by Maserati technicians to achieve top draw performance and the maximum in driving pleasure. The V8 engine, which develops 440 bhp, is combined with a ZF six-speed automatic transmission that delivers super-smooth gear changes without limiting top end power. Added to the GranCabrio’s outstanding dynamic qualities is the electronically-controlled Skyhook system. Standard kit, Skyhook instantly adapts the car’s set up to match the driving style and the road conditions. All these features make the GranCabrio the most exciting and versatile droptop around. The car is a one-off that offers an amazing array of personalisation options thanks to a vast range of colours for the leather, bodywork and roof.

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    瑪莎拉蒂GranCabrio是原承擔的排他性,多功能性和純粹的駕駛樂趣是一直是瑪莎拉蒂品牌的區別。第一四座敞篷車已經在設計和製造公司的摩德納總部,GranCabrio是唯一的敞篷 汽車在其類別可容納四個成年人舒適地在一個優雅和豪華的客艙。該GranCabrio從輝煌雙門轎跑車轉換成一個驚人的敞篷車:按下一個按鈕,與一輛正在三十零公里每小時和頂板-布,按瑪莎拉蒂的傳統 -順利幻燈片了。這一切只需要25秒。隨著自上而下的,自由的GranCabrio是為了炫耀其瘦,肌肉輪廓,工作主Pininfarina建造。 20“輪圈,它來作為標準,也傳達 這種感覺的力量和活力。該GranCabrio的底盤經過精心的瑪莎拉蒂技術人員,以達到最佳繪製的性能和最大的駕駛樂趣。V8引擎,它的發展440馬力,是加上一採埃孚6速自動變速器,提供超 順暢的換檔不限制的高端動力。添加到GranCabrio的卓越的動態特性是電子控制的Skyhook系統。標準試劑盒,天棚即刻適應賽車的設置以匹配駕駛風格和路況。所有這些特點使得GranCabrio 最激動人心和靈活droptop左右。賽車是一次性的,它提供了一系列驚人的個性化選擇多虧了廣闊的色彩的皮革,車身和車頂。

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