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關於工程類的英文 希望達人幫個忙 20點 謝謝

請問以下的中文要怎麼翻譯成英文比較恰當,我家老闆要給國外的教授看 希望我翻譯,可是實在是難以翻出來!

各類型薄盤式超音波致動器之轉速量測,係在其轉子上黏貼反光亮片,利用xx 做為發射及偵測反光亮片紅外光之感測裝置,將OMRON E3X-A11所得出之脈波訊號經由HP 34401A Multimeter進行計算顯示,即可得出各類型薄盤式超音波致動器之實際轉速。薄盤式超音波致動器之原型機構如圖6中所示[1],而轉速量測之實驗架構照相圖則如圖7中所示[1]。

各類型薄盤式超音波致動器之轉速比較如表1中所示,轉速之量測係在輸入脈波訊號的頻率設定為表1中所示的系統共振頻率、輸入電壓為15 V、輸入電流為0.2 A、轉子重量約100 g及Preload為30 gf的條件下所得出。針對本文中所設計之雙相、三相偏心及三相對稱薄盤式超音波致動器等結構,其耗電量約為1.5 W左右。以Intel Pentium 4之xx 主機板中進行溫度與轉速測試為實例,發現電腦在一般正常的運作下,CPU散熱風扇之轉速只要維持在3497 rpm(如圖8(a)中之黃色曲線)即能達到穩定CPU運轉溫度(如圖8(b)中之黃色曲線)之功效。圖8(a)中所示即為利用ASUS PC Probe所偵測出之CPU風扇轉速動態曲線圖,圖中藍色曲線為CPU風扇之最低轉速臨界值設定(程式預設為600 rpm);而圖8(b)中所示則為利用ASUS PC Probe所偵測出之CPU溫度動態曲線圖,圖中藍色曲線為CPU運轉之最高溫度臨界值設定(程式預設為80°C/176°F),在此圖中,CPU運轉溫度始終均被維持在24°C/75°係因環境溫度所造成。本文中所設計之薄盤式超音波致動器的轉速已足以勝任做為CPU散熱風扇之標準了。

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    the speed measurement of various types of thin-disc ultrasonic actuator, we attach

    the light-reflection plate at its rotor, and use xx as the detection device to

    send and detect the UV light on the light-reflection plate. The pulse signal

    gained by OMRON E3X-A11 is calculated and shown by

    the HP 34401A Multimeter, then we can get the actual rotation speed of various

    types of thin-disc ultrasonic actuator. The proto-type structure of thin-disc

    ultrasonic actuator is shown in picture 6, and the photo of experimental

    structure of roation speed measurement is shown in picture 7[1].


    comparison of rotation speed of various types of thin-disc ultrasonic actuator

    is shown in table 1. the measurement of the rotation speed is based on the

    input impulse signal which is set as the system resonance frequency in table 1.

    The result is got under the condition that the input voltage is 15V, input

    current is 0.2A, rotor-weight is approximately 100g and preload id 30gf. About

    the structure of two-phase, three-phase-eccentric and three-phase symmetric

    thin-disc ultrasonic actuator which are designed in this text, the consumption

    power is about 1.5W. By the example of the temperature and rotation test in the

    xx motherboard of Intel Pentium 4, we find that under normal operation of the

    computer, the rotation speed of the CPU fan only needs to be kept at 3497 rpm

    (as shown as the yellow curve in picture 8(a)) to achieve the effect of stabilizing

    the operation temperature (as shown as the yellow curve in picture 8(b)).

    As shown in picture 8(a), it is the dynamic

    curve of CPU fan that use the ASUS PC Probe to detect. In the picture, the blue

    curve is the minimal threshold rotation speed of the CPU fan (program use 600rpm

    as default). And as shown in picture 8(b), the blue curve id the highest

    temperature threshold value (program use 80°C/176°F as default).

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    In this picture, the operation temperature of the CPU is always kept at 24°C/75°F which is caused by the environmental temperature. The designed thin-disc ultrasonic actuator in this text already has the capability to be the rotation-speed standard of CPU fan.

    2010-05-14 13:22:21 補充:


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    我了解 我有試著找翻譯社 但是價錢實在不是一個研究生負擔的起...偏偏我家老闆又.....不願意花錢~~~ 我自己其實有翻 但真的翻不好 所以才放到知識+ 若真的沒有人幫忙 我想也只能拿我自己翻得亂七八糟的英文給老闆了 呵呵

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