Love or hate Lady GaGa?

Who likes, loves, or hates lady GaGa? Why? Why not? If you like, Have a fav song?


She is an openly bisexual preformer and some think that she us using the gay community to gain a fan base. what do you think? i will try to refrain from stating my opinion here because i want to know yours. 10 pts best answer!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Her songs have grown on me, but honestly I don't see what the fuss is about. I liked that Love Games song the best. I thought Kelly Rowland had a much better performance last year with "when Love Takes Over", and should have won the grammy over "Poker Face", but I don't get a vote. I guess she is supposed to dress outrageously, but then she is a music star, and that isn't unusual for that profession. Now, if she were the governor of Iowa or the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and dressed like that, I would probably rethink the courage of her self-expression. In her artist realm, she can dress like that without consequences. But what does she stand for?

    Edit: She sings dance pop, heavily emphasis on the dance part. It would be odd of her to shun the gay community. That would be like a heavy metal band stating that they didn't want teen-aged males in the midwest to buy their albums. She likes her fans. That's different than using her fans.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think the answer that best fits for me is just simply...I don't get it/her. I can't hate her since she is not someone I follow or know personally or have heard say/do anything offensive. I just don't know why so many people like her or her music. I think "Paparazzi" is a catchy song, but for me it's catchy in the way of you wish you weren't thinking of this song all the time, not necessarily because I think it's a particularly great song. I just am not into the kind of sound she brings, nor the kind of image she portrays as far as hair, clothes, etc.

    Frankly, any time a performer says they're bisexual, especially a female one, I am suspicious. A lot of the things people say about bisexuals in "real life" come to mind for me with a celebrity, and with celebrities only--not bisexuals I meet in life or see here on Y!A. I do wonder if they are trying to use the gay community or appear sexier to straight people who get off on that kind of thing in a woman just to get more famous. That is definitely the kind of person Lady Gaga strikes me as, i.e. doing whatever it takes to get famous rather than being true to herself, because one of my friends was telling me she used to be very different than her entertainment persona is.

  • 4 years ago

    Lady gaga or should I say retard she is men till I think she needs lots of help an other stuff and she were the most weirds things in the world I mean she were'd a birdnexs lol

  • joe o
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    10 years ago

    At first I liked her music, but did not think much of her as a person. I really did not know much about her.

    I saw her on Oprah a few weeks ago. I love her attitude. She is a great person, with a wonderful out look on people and life. She wants people to celebrate whatever it is that make us different, not be ashamed of it.

    She has so many fans gay and straight. She does not need to use gays. And I do not think she would.

    So put me in with the 'Love Her'-s...

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  • JM9
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    10 years ago

    As i was saying yesterday I am Lady GaGa's biggest fan! I'm going to her concert for the second time in like 2 weeks! This time VIP baby lol

    i just love her music and the fact that she is not afraid of being who she is and express her self without caring if people think she's weird

    also she fights for gay right's and not afraid of admitting her bisexuality

    and she is just really talented

  • 10 years ago

    LOVE HER! her style is so wow.

    I must say though she has lost a lot of weight and i though she was great for showing that more normal sized people could look fabulous.

    But still loving her music even if she can't actually sing

  • Josh
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    10 years ago

    I am indifferent to her, some good songs but they seam a little over played. Yes I agree that she is pandering to the gay community but isn't it about someone did besides fashion?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'm indifferent to her to be honest. I like some of her songs, but I wouldn't call myself a fan.

    No - prior to her becoming a celebrity she was supportive of the LGBT community.

  • Luca
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    10 years ago

    I like her music.

    She is pretty kewl as a person I guess kinda strange but she's marketing herself cuz she knows that's what people like.

    I like her music because of the beats but don't care much for the lyrics.

    As for a favorite song... in terms of the beat... probably lovegame.

  • 10 years ago

    At first I didn't really like her, but her music was everywhere so it was hard to avoid. I eventually fell in love with her. Her videos are soooooo sexy, OMG. whew. she's hot. Anyway, besides her appearance and voice, her general disposition is awesome! She's a sweet lady.

    did I mention she's hot?

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