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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCareers & EmploymentTechnology · 1 decade ago

Would you proofread my resume? Does it pass the sniff test? 10 pts?

is this up to snuff? what improvements? This is for IT work particularly with installation.


I am an Information Technology professional with a diverse background seeking to contribute my wide range of skills not limited to my knowledge of computer hardware and software but also my experience in face-to-face dealings, supervision, research and analysis as well as self-management, multi-tasking and efficiency to a technical service role. I possess broad insight and understanding to the needs and goals of my employer and bring a respectful yet assertive attitude towards completing my assignments to satisfaction. Adapt well to evolving roles within a project and work well with others. Easily identify and resolve technical issues and concerns. Excellent communication and presentation capabilities

Technical Skills

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7-MS Office 2003/2007-Novell-Unix/Linux-Oracle-TCP/IP-Desktop and Work Centre Printers/Multi-functions-Routers/LAN/WAN-Norton-AVG-BASIC

Professional Experience

Oscar Robertson Solutions, Cincinnati, OH(08/2009-05/2010)

Optimization Associate(via Ajilon Professional)

Co-managed Manage Print Go Lives at various Procter and Gamble facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Solely managed Manage Print Go Live at Procter and Gamble Duracell facility in Bethel, Connecticut.

Networking and System Configuration for new Manage Print Devices.

Data collection and area mapping of old printer/fax devices as part of conversion.

Equipment roll outs and device assembly as well as troubleshooting and break-fix as needed.

Finlay Jewelry, Cincinnati, OH(8/2008-4/2009)

Operations Clerical

Performed various administrative duties such as balancing daily transactions, maintaining detailed inventory records, ensuring timestamp accuracy for all employees within company timecard application, mailings and maintaining corporate correspondence via MS Outlook and MS Access as well as training and motivating sales professionals.

Audio/Visual Marketing

Responsible for resolving customer issues and providing sales assistance as needed.

Standard Textile, Cincinnati, OH(Summer 2008)

Clerical Assistant, temporary(via Trak Staffing Solutions)

Independently identify and catalogue hard copy files in company’s legal department warehouse

Created detailed spreadsheets in MS Excel to inventory and to allow easy and reliable retrieval of hard copy files for legal department personnel.

Sort, reorder, box and shelve files in office alphanumerical order.

General clerical duties as needed.

GE Money bank, North Canton, OH (04/2007-09/2007)

Customer Service/Collections, temporary(via Kelly Services)

Provided customer service support for users of GE Money lines of credit.

Promoted to collections department to recover payments for past due accounts.

Genie Overhead Door, Alliance, OH(11/2006-03/2007)

Tier 3 Technical Support, temporary(via Ryan Alternative Staffing)

Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of device issues via telephone, documented ticket/resolutions, dispatched work orders and resolved customer issues and concerns.

Employee of the Week January 2007.

McDonalds, Navarre, OH(04/2004-08/2006)

General Crew/3rd Shift Supervisor

As General Crew handled food preparation, customer service store maintenance.

Promoted to Shift Supervisor(Experimental 3rd Shift) where high productivity and low overhead yielded average net profit of $7,000 per month for aforementioned shift. 3rd shift canceled in all other locations save mine.

Employee of the Month April 2006.

Shearers Foods, Brewster, OH 11/2003-02/2004)

Packaging/Maintenance, Seasonal

Product Packaging and Quality Selection.

Promoted to Maintenance Team handling equipment and facility care.

Hardee’s, Navarre, OH(09/2000-11/2003)

Crew Team Member

Food preparation, customer service and store maintenance.


Raymond Walters College, Blue Ash, OH(09/2007-06/2009)

Radiation Sciences, No Degree.

Relevant Coursework: Linux/Unix, Oracle, Dreamweaver

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1st - drop all the jobs before Genie

    Nobody you will be applying to will care if you worked at McDonalds

    2nd Under qualifications - you have the longest sentence I have ever read in my life. And you try to use 'power' words that make the reader feel as though you are just filling space. Put an accomplishment in there. Add a little pizzazz-

    and for education:

    Radiation Sciences, (No Degree.) - instead put ''currenlty pursuing'

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  • 4 years ago

    The two that haven't come forward are the two who signed confidentiality agreements ten to twelve years ago, there is generally a penalty written into such agreements. Those women did what would be considered proper, they went to the company at the time it happened and reported the incidents. It is not easy for a career woman to make that sort of charge. All too often, and as we've seen the woman is depicted as a slut or nut and torn apart. But the key here is timing, it was quickly and quietly handled, Cain left his contract with them six months early. And the women left too. The whole thing hushed up and if Cain hadn't run he could have gone on to other business's and no one would have known about his behavior, which does seem to have been all at about the same time, so it could be a rough time in his marriage, or midlife crisis. Or he learned how to behave. Or, more frighteningly, he had other episodes that we don't know about. Women are unfortunately more familiar with sexual harassment than we like to acknowledge, and the woman who spoke to him at the fundraiser did so in public, in a situation where she's not going to jump up and yell, you sunofabitch to him. From her standpoint it was long over. Adults don't act out in public either. Cain has a tin ear when it comes to women, and apparently not much memory about them either. There is no purpose in bringing him down until the man got the nomination, unless you are one of his opponents in the race to be the nominee. He is as carefull as any lawyer about what he's said, like that he'd take a polygraph, but only if he felt it necessary. I'm guessing he won't be finding it necessary any time soon. And the settlements on his behalf between NRA and the women is on record, its not an unsubstaniated rumor. If their lawyers saw fit to payout rather than fight, with a degree of immediacy, its a pretty good indicator they were cutting their losses short and they knew they'd lose. It goes the other way if Cain had fought a long legal fight with his own money, then you could say it was costing him too much. But NRA has a staff of lawyers so it wouldn't cost them anymore to fight this.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have a good resume with alot of work experience. To help improve your resume at the top, under "Qualifications" I would make it personal according to the company you are applying for. For instance, I would say " I am a Information Techonologist looking to work for_________ where I can apply my many skills in the company....etc..etc. By making it personal it shows that you have an interest in this one company and not any company that will hire you. I hope this helps and good luck.

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