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Is this normal for an eight year old!?

My 7 year old niece(turns 8 on May 16) has body odor. She was sitting beside me and she raised her hand and I am telling you the smell made me want to throw up. She is really self conscious so she refuses to wear deodorant. Is this normal and how can i convince her to start using deodorant? Thanks and GOD bless!


But is it really normal for her to start blooming this early?!

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    Yes its completely normal. Girls are developing at a much younger age than previous generations because of hormones in the food we consume, unless its organic, its pretty much guaranteed to be loaded with hormones.

    (I got my period when I was 10, my older sisters, cousins, and aunts got it in their early teens, and my younger cousin got it at 10 as well, though she started being horribly smelly at around 9. Look at the patterns in your family and other females you know and you’ll see that we are developing much earlier.

    Don’t be a jerk about it because you can really make her self-conscious at this stage in her life and that can ruin her for a really long time. Just take her shopping one day, buy yourself a deodorant and slowly introduce their purpose. I did this with my younger cousin mentioned above (she’s 12 now). So when she was about 9, she started to really smell horribly when she raised her arms or even opened them a little. I wanted to vomit too and tell her, but I didn’t want to make her feel bad (to make it worse, it was summer AND she always wore rayon shirts). She apparently wasn’t aware that she smelled really bad and was convinced that her friend was the one who smelled like “armpit.” So one day, we went to the deodorant section at the store, I was picking one out, said they make me smell good and asked her if she wanted one too. I picked out a Dove deodorant (the medical ones—yes I went for the best ones to cure her stench) and told her that those are really good, smell good, and make your sweat stains invisible in your shirts (they’re $8 but they really work!!). She was convinced and thankfully got one as well. Her smell problem was partially gone after that. Then when she was 10 (during the summer again…ugh…) she got her period. Since she refused to shower daily and only did so every other day, I immediately saw the opportunity to also convince her to go shower and then I told her afterwards that now that she was developing and especially since she now had a period, she had to shower daily to clean herself thoroughly to not get infections and that girls smelled bad during their cycle if they didn’t shower (Also, tell her that spraying herself with perfume and wearing deoderant without showering first will make the smell even worse because the smells combine into one horrible smell). I didn’t lie, but if I hadn’t told her, she’d still be going days without showering.

    So like I said, the best way is to be subtle and take your opportunities without being a jerk. Rather than lowering her self-esteem, just inform her (one of my older cousin’s would take it to far and tell her she smelled and all this other stuff, I could tell it made her feel bad because she would get quiet, and look like she wanted to cry. My older cousin failed to convince her to be hygienic, but my way was successful and subtle).

    Good luck on your new mission to make her be clean! :D

    If you succeed, get her into the habit of using her own products, even if its seems harmless, sharing deodorant, make-up, etc. can invite infections even if the other person is clean.

    *Also, get her to start carrying a pad in her backpack, the worst thing would be to get it during school. I got it during school in the fifth grade, was really heavily stained, and had no pad even though my sisters had been telling me to carry one many times before.

    When I discovered my period in the bathroom stall, I had to use a ton of tissue because I was embarrassed to ask the nurse, had major cramps, I had P.E. that day too AND when I got home, there were no pads and I didn't tell anyone until I cried the next morning and told my mom I didn't want to go to school because I got my period. From then on, I had strong cramps that made me sweaty, really hot, and see orange almost fainting and vomiting a few times, also due to the smell. I'm 18 now and thankfully, this doesn't happen anymore AND I'm lucky to be irregular, my period comes every other month (currently going on 5 months, I'm not pregnant, I'm a virgin). Also, you should know that irregularity is normal even years after she gets her period because her body is still changing, its normal to skip as much as six months (my pediatrician told me so when I told her about myself). I've read that its normal to skip more than six months, but if its a deep concern, see a doctor.

    Her period is right around the corner (many girls now are getting it at around 8-10), so teach her how to wear pads (winged ones to prevent major staining) and all that good stuff if she doesn't know yet. She has to know that she has to be ready, and to know WHY she needs to shower, wear deodorant, etc. otherwise she won't see the point to any of this. Also, instead of getting her hopped up on meds (they don't get rid of problems, only take away the feeling), get her those fabric heating pads that they sell usually in mall carts. They smell good when you warm them and feel good when you put them on yourself when you have cramps. Obviously, its the same effect as meds since the cramps are still there but you don't feel them, but at least the heating pads are natural alternatives and won't damage her organs or make her dependent on them.

    Source(s): Experience. I also find these subjects highly interesting :) Maybe you could also buy her a tween-girl health book, they sell them at book stores and you can find really cute and girly ones that will appeal to her for a little money on Amazon because they're specifically for young girls.
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    Is this a one-time thing, or does it happen every time you see her?

    My 7 year old's armpits and feet get like that sometimes. Using a good antibacterial soap in the shower helps a lot. ... My daughter would much rather use moisturizing body washes. But if I let her do it too many days in a row, I guess it doesn't kill the odor causing bacteria or something.

    Proceed with caution if you do get her some new soap. My daughter was excited about Dial brand's Cranberry scented glycerine soap, but it irritated her skin. Dial's Spring Water scented antibacterial soap has a fresh scent. It says on the package that it is a "deodorant soap" that "rinses clean without drying skin".

    If she is staying with you, I would just keep a bar in the room where she showers and remind her to get squeaky clean all over, even her armpits, her belly button, between her little toes, and under her nose. (I always list several body parts so that I don't draw too much attention to my daughter's stinky pits.) If she doesn't spend that much time with you, you might find a pretty way to include a bar in a girly spa-type package for her birthday. (and if she isn't too into the girly stuff, remember to get her something else she would enjoy too)

    ... To answer your question, yes. It is normal for some girls to start blooming at 7 or 8 years old. It makes me sad though, to see someone under 12 have to worry about stuff like bras and how their armpits smell.

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    It is not exactly normal, she is young, but it does happen, nothing to worry about. If she dreams of being 16 and such, you can try that approach, maybe one day have a "grown up" conversation about anything she is interested in, and casually put some deodorant on and the offer her some. Or be upfront and tell her she is growing up and she has new needs now, and that includes deodorant.

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    Yes it's normal,kids that age play,run around alot and work up a sweat.My son is 8 and he gets body odor as well.When he gets out of the bath,he likes to put deodorant on because he is mimicking his father.I don't know how you can convince her to wear deodorant with out offending her,besides on her birthday you can get her a cute bath and body basket,that contains,shower gel,lotion,body spray etc.

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    Who's in control? You are suppose to be. Take charge of your child. Time outs, limit the tv and video time, don't tolerate bad behavior. As for reading, you can't expect a child discover the joy of reading on their own, read to him every night, something age appropriate and long enough that he must wait for several night for you finish the book. This should be a comfortable, just before bedtime activity. "Chinaberry" is a very good catalog with excellent recommendations including a synopsis of all their books. Take a trip to the bookstore and have him pick out the next book. Take control now and guide him toward what is expected of him, keep the bar high.

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    She needs to be taught Hygiene and cleanliness. Maybe she hasn't been told to shower or bath.

    Don't hurt her feelings but offer her some good smelling brand of soap and soft smelling deodorant.

    have a good talk with her about smelling good and how much better she will look and feel.

    Sometimes parents don't think of these things and if and when things are noticed such as this, she will be grateful to you.

    Let her know how she was so stinky to you and it bothered you. It will help her think of your conversation as she gets older. Also tell her about keeping her teeth beautiful and white and having fresh breath. These are important issues that all parents should teach their children at a young age.

    I know how she feels because my grandmother told me the same things as I was a child. She bought me a tooth brush and tooth paste and said to take care of my teeth and they'll take care of me the rest of my life. Grandmother was so right and I am so glad and happy she told me.

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    While it is normal for children to have body odor at that age, it probably isn't good that it makes you want to vomit. If you can't get her to wear deodorant, you may need to suggest her going to her family doctor to help fix the problem. Children's doctors tend to be better at explaining such things to young kids than we can sometimes and they often know how to make a child feel like what they're experiencing isn't weird or anything to be self consious about, but they need to learn to control it (i.e. deodorant).

    Good luck.

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    its normal...a 7 year old that i babysit wears deodorant. get her some that smells really good and she'll wwear it.

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    many factors must be taken into consideration on this,nationality,age,glandular,activeness, Hygiene. deodorant is not the answer if you do not cleanse and oxygenate the area,washing the area is of the first importance first off,then antiperspirants and are kids,they will grow out of any oral hygienic unmorality's ,bear with it and coax them of its public importance of acceptance.good luck..

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    If she were self conscious she'd wear it. Tell her she needs to.

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    if she's self conscious, she'll WANT to wear it..

    tell her that she's turning into a woman, and needs to wear it or shell smell.

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