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son-in-law yelled at his wife (who's my daughter) then he yelled at me then he turned on his father-in-law?

what should we do?

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    Mary, you didn't mention if perhaps you deserved to be yelled at. There are always 2 sides to a story...

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    I don't know whose home you were in when he yelled at all of you, but there are several people on earth that learned you never yell at me in my own home, even if I deserve it. You don't say what he was yelling about or what he yelled, but if it was drastic, then your daughter has a problem. She probably won't tell you, but he might be abusive to her in the privacy of their home. I'd talk to her. If there is a next time, you don't have to take any kind of abuse. Call the police, have him removed from the property, and get a restraining order against him. Tell your daughter you plan to do this. You know better than any of us the circumstances. He might be a nice guy and just lost his cool for a bit. Or, he might be a wife-beater.

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    Get help A.S.A.P this is a sign of future problems such as assault,if he shows agression now chances are in the future he will be hitting his wife alot possibly kids too so you should get him in to get some help.

    Source(s): my uncle is a psychiatrist.
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    get together, talk about what led him to those actions

    family conversations or a therapst, no need for anything expensive

    go out to eat; talk, it will all pass

    but if things get violent call 911 for domestic violence

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    Families yell at each other.

    It is your daughter's place to resolve it.

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    Remind your daughter.. This is the man you vowed to spend the rest of your life with?? what were you thinking..LOL

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    he has issues dats all dat happens in my fam..........but its a sin in our nation 2 get a divorce so we jus deal wid it an yell back......gets sum ppls adrenaline pumpin

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