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Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald?

Which Receiver would you rather have and why?? and which ones will end up being HOF's?

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    Going off in their prime

    1. Randy Moss was one of the most dominant WR's in the NFL and was practically unstoppable (HOF easy first ballot)

    2. Andre Johnson all around best WR in the league currently no further words needed (debatable the team may impact his legacy)

    3. Brandon Marshall just cause he seems to have more bigger games and has bigger impacts on games opposed to Larry Fitz (If he keeps it up)

    4. Larry Fitz he's just not as good as Brandon, but better than Wayne (if he keeps it up)

    5. He's not in my top 5 current WR's (no)

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    a million. Larry Fitzgerald 2. Andre Johnson 3. Calvin Johnson 4. Randy Moss 5. Steve Smith 6. Reggie Wayne 7. Terrell Owens (while hes no longer crying like a girl) 8. TJ Houshmenzadeh 9. Brandon Marshall 10. Wes Welker

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    I would want any of them but this is how I would rank them. #1 being the most wanted and so on.

    1. Andre Johnson (Because he is able to perform at a high level without an elite QB)

    2. Larry Fitzgerald

    3. Reggie Wayne

    4. Brandon Marshall

    5. Randy Moss


    Randy Moss for sure.

    Not sure about the rest yet.

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    well they are great receivers but i woud have to say either larry fitzgerald or andre johnson....i pick these to guys because pretty much u could throw anything to them and they could catch it because there size compared to everybody else ...they r abe to run after the catch and make deep catches .....Randy moss is getting old and even in his prime all he had was was speed he wasnt the type of guy to break a tackle all he could reallly do is catch and run strait,,Reggie wayne i like him hes like my favorite wide reciever because he is able to run good make people miss after he catches the ball but now adays it seems like hes not trying as hard...brandon marshall is good but hes like not that good , he reminds me of andre johnson a suckier version of him but dont get me wrong he is really good but hesnot great.So my final pick would have to be A johnson and L fitzgerald

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