What kind of car should we buy?

Hubby wants to go more expensive even if it breaks us (like a Nissan Pathfinder) because the kids are only getting bigger. His idea is that we will have it for ten years. We have had our Nissan Altima for 10 years and I HATE having such an old piece of crap. I would rather go with a cheaper vehicle (like a kia sorento) and replace in 5-6 years. I would really rather have a Jeep compass which isn't too bad on price either. What is a better move more expensive and last longer or cheaper and replace faster? He tells me that he sees bran new Kia's on the side of the highway all of the time. Are these made very poorly?


This Jeep Liberty Sport 2007 has only 12K miles and is only $15K. What do you think?

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    I would go with quality, even if I had to buy it used.

    Here is a list some SUVs, together with their 2010 Auto Reliability GPAs:

    The V6 Toyota 4Runner (midsize SUV): a perfect 4.00 over a 10-year data history,

    The V6 Toyota Highlander (midsize SUV): 3.94 over a 9-year data history,

    The Honda Pilot (midsize SUV): 3.94 over a 7-year data history,

    The 4-cylinder Toyota RAV4 (small SUV): 3.88 over a 10-year data history,

    The Honda CR-V (small SUV): 3.63 over a 10-year data history,


    The Nissan Pathfinder: 2.23 (a C) over a 7-year data history,


    The Jeep Liberty: 1.38 (a D) over an 8-year data history,

    The Jeep Compass: 1.25 (a D) over a 2-year data history (very low for such a recent data history),


    The Kia Sorento: 0.94 (a D) over a 6-year data history.

    For comparison, here are overall 2010 Auto Reliability GPAs for several brands, in descending order:

    Honda: 3.67 ( an A)

    Toyota: 3.53 (an A)

    Subaru: 2.61 (a low B)

    Ford: 2.17 (a C)

    Volkswagen: 1.58 (a low C)

    Saturn: 1.49 (a high D)

    Chevrolet: 1.37 (a D)

    GMC: 1.25 (a D)

    Jeep: 1.08 (a D)

    Chrysler: 1.04 (a D)

    Dodge: 0.97 (a D)

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    you need to do some research, www.samarins.com has tons of good information on what to look out for on buying used cars, and has a used car review, the kia is a hunk of crap new, the only new cars I would even consider now are sadly enough honda and nissan, although older Toyota's are ok, that jeep has horrible repair records, and have always had lots of problems, and the only drive train that was any good is the v8 ones, but jeeps are hard on fuel. Do a lot of research, and this will help make an informed decision, those weird name cars like daewoo, and Hyndai are all pretty much crap. I am a American car guy, and thanks to the big three making piles of shitty cars, I cant even recommend any new ones. good luck, mess with your husbands head, tell him you want a full size suburban with 9 seats, because you decided you like baseball and want 9 more kids, (see if he pays attention, or what? ) 9 makes a team.

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    Affordable yet reliable & good for looks get the Ford Ranger Thunder


    I like ford engines they are good diesel engines... I would not buy neither of the jeeps you are intrested in for simple reason I am not a fan of kia or jeep, and the pathfinder is going to be too expensive..

    however good luck in your search...

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    look around on the used car lots. Sounds like your husband wants to go big. I bought a used dodge duragno SLT 4X4 about 8 months ago from a local dodge dealership. I was searching for about 3 weeks so it takes time but i just went to dodge.com looked for dealers in my area by typing in my zip code and from there it lets you click on the dealer webpage and i just searched their used lot. My duragno is a 2006 with 15,000 miles i got it for $16,000. Im sure you husband would want something like this. 3 row seating, heated leather seats, rear climate control, hemi engine which when the MDS technology kicks on it shuts down 2 cylinders and i have gotten 20mpg on the highway. It is in AWD all time with 4X4 switch on the fly i live in michigan this is my 3rd durango and i love them i rarely have to use 4X4 because this goes through just about anything.

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