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Horrible red bumpy rash after shaving my legs!?

its all over my legs, and the rash really hurts if i touch it. its red with bumps going all the way down my thighs and shins...grrr help! why is it doing that? i usually get a few red bumps after i shave...but not this many!!

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    That happened the first couple times i shaved my legs. When i bought my shaver, it came with a small sample of an olay shaving cream so i used it. I then got the same issue you did. I stopped using that shaving cream, and pushed the blade to my leg less hard. Another trick is to use a 5-blade shaver which, believe it or not, helps the smoothness and coverage. i reccomend the Venus shaver. (the blue one) Use aveeno sensitive skin shaving cream and apply a gentle cream like Lubiderm or Vanicream to the legs after you shave them. Hope that helps :)

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    Red Bumpy Rash

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    The exact same thing happened when I used a men's raver to shave my legs. ( Their razors are sharper so it's easier ) but I had lots of itchy rashes on my legs and have a scar from the rashes. If it's just a regular girl razor it might be because it's new. Try a new brand if it doesn't stop after a while. If it continues make sure to use shaving cream. (Make sure to use a girls razor those are meant for actual legs!)

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    moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. next time you shave, use a good kind of shaving cream or shampoo and shave down your in strokes of about 4 inches, instead of one long stroke to just trim the hairs. Then, shave up your legs in the same fashion instead of one long stroke. This prevents razor bumps and razor burns, which is what happened to you. If you have any ingrown hairs (They're usually the red dots on your legs or they look like pimples) Take those out with tweezers and the redness will go away in a day or two. Hope i helped! And always make sure your skin is well-hydrated.

    I recommend Venus Embrace as a good shaving razor, and make sure to change the razor head FREQUENTLY. When the blue fades, you know it's most definitely time to change it.

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    Rash On Legs

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    Horrible red bumpy rash after shaving my legs!?

    its all over my legs, and the rash really hurts if i touch it. its red with bumps going all the way down my thighs and shins...grrr help! why is it doing that? i usually get a few red bumps after i shave...but not this many!!

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    Scrub your legs with a lufa really hard and exfoliate really well. Then use a good shaving cream or conditioner or just regular soap and shave with a new damp razor. Then when you get out PAT dry and use UNSENTED lotion.

    It could be the sent in the lotion that is irritating your skin

    Or the razor

    or the dead skin.

    It could be a number of things.

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    1) check your razor for bumps 2) try conditioner or shaving cream on your legs before shaving 3) use warm water 3) save in the direction of the hair not aganist it (shave downwards) 4) lotion when finished 5) you may want to try getting them waxed or naired < just an alternative sugestion! hope i helped!

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    Bee Luscious shaving cream for women. The problem is most shaving cream is soap, hence the foam. This is a moisturizing lotion made for shaving and is medicated to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs also shave with the grain (downhill).

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    •Use a mild scrub (sugar scrubs are great), damp washcloth with your body wash, or a daily exfoliant such as AHA or BHA to help keep flaky skin at a minimum (which means you can get a closer shave).

    •It is essential for your legs to be wet for at least two or three minutes before starting; wet hair is soft, pliable, and easier to cut. Nothing is as irritating or chafing as shaving dry or slightly damp legs. However, skin should not be soaked (as you might experience in a bathtub) because the skin swells up around the hair follicles, thus preventing a close shave.

    •Finding a razor that works well for your skin, given the pressure you use while shaving, the texture of your skin, and the density of hair growth, takes some experimentation. No single type of razor works well for everyone, though the newer triple blades seem to work wonders. After finding the one that works best for you, the main thing is to change the blade frequently—dull razors make for poor shaving results.

    •When it comes to shaving creams or gels, for both men and women, those that contain emollients (usually those identified as being good for sensitive dry skin) work perfectly on the legs! There is absolutely no reason to buy shaving gels or creams in pretty pink containers when in truth they are virtually identical to those in more masculine or unadorned packages. The only real difference in products targeted specifically to men or women is the type of fragrance, and fragrance-free is best for the least risk of irritation.

    •Avoid shaving products that contain irritants (such as alcohol, menthol, and peppermint). Used over newly shaved skin, irritating ingredients can cause red bumps and ingrown hairs. If you find yourself without shaving cream in the shower, use hair conditioner or body wash instead. This is far easier on the legs than shaving with a bar soap or bar cleanser.

    •For best results, shave against the growth of hair using careful strokes and applying even pressure.

    •After you are done, do NOT use a loofah or washcloth. The action of shaving has already exfoliated your skin and further rubbing can cause irritation and create problems.

    •At night apply a moisturizer, and during the day, if your legs are going to be exposed to sun, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater) that contains the UVA-protecting ingredients avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.

    •Avoid AHAs after shaving. The glycolic acid in AHA products can be unnecessarily irritating to freshly shaved skin.

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