Skin bleaching Vs. Skin Tanning?

Ok, first of all, let me say that I do not agree with either one. I personally think that both are harmful and that everyone should love themselves the way the are; which includes their skin color. I just wanted to know though, is one more harmful than the other? Because I just noticed that when people talk about going to the beach to get a tan, the response is usually something like "Cool, you'll look great!" and every ONCE IN A WHILE it'll be "You'll like nice, but be careful of skin cancer!" But whenever a person talks about bleaching their skin, the response is almost always something like "Oh NO! You shouldn't do that! It's very harmful and you will hurt yourself!" I thought both were equally as harmful, but in reality, is one more harmful than the other?

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  • 10 years ago
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    i dont think so. but its just more common for people to tan instead of bleach. in some asian countries, women bleach themselves to have lighter skin, and in america, we radiate our skin to be darker. both are really harmful, and if you want to be tanner, its safest to use a self tanner instead of laying i the sun. so no, i dont think one is more harmful, but tanning is just more common and generally more socially accepted than bleaching, but you shouldnt do either!

  • 4 years ago

    they are both pointless. Why is it seen as bad to be pale. Im very pale and admit trying fake tan before because everyone else tans or wears fake tan and in magazines they are always saying oh pale and ugly, pale and unhealthy looking. Now i just like being pale, though i cant find makeup to match. And skin bleaching is dangerous and pointless too, there is no perfect, right skin colour. The colour you are born with is the colour you are meant to be, no point wasting time and money to change it to what the media tell you is right, its just to make money out of people.

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