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chicago white sox contract question?

How many years left do the following players for the white sox have on there contract gordon beckham carlos quentin and aj pierzynski

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    All three contracts are up at the end of the season, but Quentin and Beckham will not necessarily become free agents. Players need to accrue major league service time before they become free agents. Three years of service time makes a player arbitration eligible. Six years of service time gives a player the right to file for free agency.

    Quentin is arbitration eligible and can only become a free agent if the White Sox do not offer him arbitration. Quentin will have four years of full service time at the end of this season

    Beckham is not arbitration eligible and will not be so until the end of the 2012 season (there's some math that could change that but 2012 is probably when it will be). The White Sox will retain control of him until 2015 if they continue to offer him arbitration. Beckham will only have one full year of service time at the end of this season, because the White Sox waited until June last year to call him up to the majors.

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    AJ, Beckham, and Quentin are signed only through this year.

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