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My daughter is getting married soon -how do I get to know the groom?

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    go 2 dinner at a classy place

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    In our family, Sunday dinner was when friends and future son in laws were invited. I met my cousin's fiancee at Xmas dinner at Grandma's house.

    The groom's family is supposed to do something to meet/welcome your daughter to their family, sometimes the rest of the family is invited along.

    And you can always give an engagement party to honor the bride and groom, and invite the whole family.

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    if your talking normally, then just go out for meals and drinks and invite him round, the reason i say normally is because i has seen films where the mother in law and the son in law....well you was whilst the daughter went to the shop lol, ill never watch anything like that again

  • Blunt
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    1 decade ago

    Invite him to lunch, just the 2 of you at a neutral place (a.k.a not your house or his) and tell him that you would like to bond together and to know each other better.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could ask them over for dinner and ask him questions about his personal life like about his family and siblings. Ask him what you would like to know as long as it's not too personal.

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    Pick up the phone, invite them to dinner...etc...

  • Tanaia
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    take him out to a bar or something try to spend time with him and daddy try to be nice lol

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    go to a water park with him alone get his endorphins running and ask him questions every 30 minuets or so

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