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How much would you pay for a sword?

I bought a 300 dollar eragon sword becuase i thought it would be really cool. Now i don't want it becuase its too big. Would somebody even buy it, it is a collectors edition. I dont how much to sell it for, so what would be a good price?


I know, it was a dumb thing, but i just want to know how to get rid of it. please help!

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    There are sword collectors out there, and there are especially more collectors for movie replicas like the Eragon sword. If the sword is not damaged, you still have the box, and certificate of authenticity, you should be able to re-sell it for a good price via Ebay or similar auction sites. Because the sword is still available for purchase from regular dealers though, you are unlikely to get more than a little less that what it is being sold for as "new" from a dealer.

    Looking at the prices going on Ebay right now, you could probably expect to get around $50~218 depending on what sword you have.

    To be frank, it's unfortunate, but if you paid $300, you have likely paid far too much for the sword. There are some swords worth that much (and more), but they generally are not movie replicas.

    If it is some sort of special limited number collectors edition (meaning it has a number x out of x on the authenticity certificate), you may be able to get a higher sale price.

    Search around for your particular version, and see what it is going for on average to get your starting sale price.

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    Read the description, 440 Stainless steel right? That's the same steel your knives are made out of, great right? NO. They're break if you actually try to use them. They're made only to be aesthetically pleasing, nothing more.

    Sword grade steel is Carbon steel, nothing less than 1060 should suffice.

    Your Eragon sword is a replica sword, not a geniune sword. You're better off spending the same amount of money for a decent Cold Steel one.

    I wouldn't pay more the $40 for that piece of crap, because I'm not a dumbass.

    But don't worry though, they are a lot of dumbasses out there who will buy a fake sword for $500.

    Source(s): Sword collector. Kendo for a few years too.
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    500 dollars

    try to keep it for a few years it will be worth alot soon

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    if it s still available i ll buy it.

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