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can poor ciculation cause a tingling sensation up your arm!?

i have an eating disorder where i have a fear of cholking on food. this resorts in me only eating liquidsed food. so basically i only drink fod that can be put throught a sieve.

i also suffer with very bad anxiety.

i have poor circulation, my hands are always cold and so are my feet.

i also have protruding viens, throughout the day, my veins come out in my arms and go back down again.

im very scared because i have sevore pins and needles in my arm, and sore pains, in my left arm.

does anybody have any idea what this could be?


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    Clearly you have some very serious problems and you must already be under the care of a doctor and hopefully a psychiatrist as well. My best advise is to further consult your medical professionals. I doubt anyone on this site has experience of someone with a fear of choking so only drinks instead of eating, also suffers from anxiety, has poor circulation, cold hands and feet, protruding veins, pins and needles and pain. No, I doubt anyone on here has experience of all those problems as the same time. Best go back to your doctor

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    Kimberly, Many things can cause your arm to tingle. Ranging from just simply being asleep to something as serious as a heart attack. If you feel faint, weak, or any other symptoms you should go to the hospital immediately. If you decide not to go to the hospital, you may want to start by getting your blood pressure checked. This can be done for free at most pharmacies or grocery stores. Remember, when you comes to your health you can't be too careful. If it worries you, you should get it checked out.

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    I am no doctor but you said pains in your left arm....anything on your left arm is usually related to your heart. Since you have an eatting disorder your body probably doesnt get the nutrients and vitamins that it needs and it puts a huge strain on your heart and the pains your feeling is a sign that your hearts talking to you....Its very common with people who have eatting disorders if they are not treated to eventually suffer from a heart attack. You should seek help with your doctor immediately so that they can better check you out. I would be extremely concerned if I was you.

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    First of all; Always ask a Doctor or go to the hospital if your not sure and feel uncomfortable about it!

    The feeling you describe could happen because you supported to long on that arm and the bloodflow is starting up again.

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    yes it can cause a tingling sensation i get it if i lie on my arm or some thing

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