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Can a fat tail and leopard gecko live together?

right now i have a fat tail male gecko and i wanted to put in a fat tail female, problem tho is its a little expensive, what i wanna know is if a leopard gecko (female) can still live with my male peacefully. if not is it true that even with a female fat tail the male can get agressive with her. THANKS!

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    nope - AFTs need higher humidity than leos, so you wouldnt be able to have both living together happily or healthily.... not to mention the other issues that come with housing different species together; aggression, stress, possible illnesses or parasites (which is a reason why any new pet needs a quarantine period before being housed with even the same species)

    If you want another AFT and your tank is plenty big enough then go ahead and get a female. The male will try to breed with her though, whether she is big enough or not, so just be prepared for that. Often a male gecko will pester a female non-stop, which can be very stressful on her so it might be worth having an extra setup to give her a break.

    It shouldnt be all out aggression towards a female that your male would show; just the desire to breed

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  • 3 years ago

    NO LGs do now no longer desire a lot of humidity, and cna get a respiration an infection with too a lot humidity. They both have distinct parasite ranges, a parasite that would want to desire to be harmless to a minimum of one might want to be deadly for yet another. you could also get yet another leopard gecko, probably one which seems similar to an AFT? If the seems is why you receives yet another:)

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  • mimi
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    its not recommended

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