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How Did Ancient Rome Develop Its Government?

What was unique about it?

I'm doing an essay for Social Studies class and I need answers. Please

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    which one roman rebublic or roman empire. the roman republic:

    The United States government shares more than several similar elements with the Roman Republic (especially since the founders of this country had based much of its structure on Roman principles), such as the incorporation and abilities of the Senate, the separation of powers (executive, legislative, and judiciary), and actual limitations on the terms of the leaders of the executive branch.

    Starting in 509 B.C Rome stop having Kings and started electing officals.

    The Constitution of the Roman Republic was a set of guidelines and principles passed down mainly through precedent.The constitution was largely unwritten, uncodified, and constantlyevolving. Rather than creating a government that was primarily a democracy (as was ancient Athens), an aristocracy (as was ancient Sparta), or a monarchy (as was Rome before and after the republic), the Roman constitution mixed these three elements, thus creating three separate branches of government.The democratic element took the form of the legislative assemblies, the aristocratic element took the form of the senate, and the monarchicalelement took the form of the many term-limited executive magistrates.

    At one time, Rome had been ruled by a succession of kings. The Romans believed that this era, that of the Roman Kingdom, began in 753 BC, and ended in 510 BC. After the monarchy had been over thrown, and the Roman Republic had been founded, the people of Rome began electing two Roman Consuls each year. In 501 BC, the office of "Roman Dictator" was created. In the year 494 BC, the Plebeians (commoners) seceded to the Mons Sacer, and demanded of the Patricians (the aristocrats) the right to elect their own officials. The Patricians duly capitulated, and the Plebeians ended their secession. The Plebeians called these new officials "Plebeian Tribunes", and gave these Tribunes two assistants, called "Plebeian Aediles". In 443 BC, the office of "Roman Censor" was created,and in 367 BC, Plebeians were allowed to stand for the Consulship. The opening of the Consulship to the Plebeian class implicitly opened both the Censorship as well as the Dictatorship to Plebeians.In 366 BC, in an effort by the Patricians to reassert their influence over the magisterial offices, two new offices were created. While these two offices, the Praetorship and the Curule Aedileship, were at first open only to Patricians, within a generation, they were open to Plebeians as well.

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    They copied off the Greeks who of course copied everything from the ancient (Black) Egyptians. Pick up any history book regarding these cultures and you will see it as clear as day. Happy reading!

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