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Citizens Bank Operations?

I just wanted to share my recent experience with Citizens Bank Credit card Company. I am active duty military and spend numerous months away from my home defending this great country. I always pay my bills on time, pay at least double what the min payment is and have excellent credit. About 6 mos. ago Citizens bank decided to raise my rates from a 9.9% fixed to a 15% variable rate. I immidiately called them to ask why they did this and they had no reason...I cancelled the account at this time. I continued to pay 2x the min payment for three months and decided to transfer the balance to a lower interest rate card. This happened about 2 mos. Ago. When I paid this off ($2800), I did not realise that there was a 41$ finance charge they had tacked on. When I paid this off, I was living out of state of my home residency and my mail was going to a different location. I got back the other day and opened my mail to find that Citizens bank had charged me 39$ per month for late fees on this account for a grand total of 122$. I immidiately called them to explain this situation of being in the military and see if they could waive the late fees…To the response “I am sorry there is nothing I can do, it is the cardholders responsibility to make sure that the payment was on time”. I just wanted to share this with people who are thinking of getting a credit card with Citizens bank. I will pay the 79$ on the 41$ that I owed and never do buisness with them again.

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    FYI.....that would have happened with ANY bank on the planet! There was nothing in your situation that is unique to Citizens Bank.

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    There are many things you can do to repair your credit score.The main thing is to check your report for errors, because what people don't know is that most of the reports have errors.

    Also you can go to that website http://EasyCreditRepairing.Info

    Hope that will help you

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