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[ramadan] 2 yrs ago, ninja&ducky said "There is no logic behind it even some Sunni's do this they call.."?

There is no logic behind it even some Sunni's do this they call unto Muhammad (saw)

so id like to know more about this now :D it seems its not just shias who apparently call unto people for help :)


@abdulmalik: lol i know what she said, and i wasnt hiding it since i did put the link there. however, the point is, SOME sunnis do it. what she said afterwards is her opinion on this being a type of shikr. yet SOME sunnis do it :)

Update 2:

@loserville: if i hadnt done that people would have asked me "where did u hear this from" and thus i would have had to tell them :) im not having a go at ducky, im just saying this is what some sunnis do. why twist my question for?

Update 3:

lol sonja: for an abrahamic montheist who carries the tag of being a koranist, you refer to dr naik.........never thought id see the day :) but then again, its not like you even know what the hell you believe in.

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    Sunnis are a modified type of the what's so called “retard” category.

    They fail to look at evidence from history, what prophet Mohamed (saw), and the Koran.

    Let me paste some history to those ignorant Sunnis: ( this is found even in the Sunnis book) so sthu and don't argue.

    This was after Mohamed (saw) last pilgrimage.. where he gathered everyone.

    Mohamed (SAW) said:

    "Stand up O' Ali, for I am

    pleased to announce you Imam and guide after me (min ba'di imam(an) wa hadiy(an)),

    So whomever I was his leader (mawla), then this is his leader (mawla)

    So be to him supporters in truth and followers,"

    There he prayed: "Allah! Be a friend and guide to his follower

    And be, to the one who is Ali's enemy, an enemy.

    he said during that speech.

    "Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favor upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion." (Qur'an 5:3)

    In Conclusion:

    The allegiance to imam Ali (a.s) is the completion of Islam.


    Allow me to copy paste this from karim q heLLLOOooo kaRACHIIIii! is is his words not MINE. All credits goes to him.----

    Imam Ali(a.s) is the best of the sahaba and the leader of Muslims appointed by our prophet(pbuh) and is a noble servant of Allah. we invoke his name to declare our love and loyalty towards him so that Allah may favor us even more. It is not shirk. Allah is the only true power and all else including imam Ali(a.s) are servants, but he is close to Allah just like hazat mohammad(a.s) so we call his name so that we gain more of Allah's love.

    he has said:

    "We, Ahlul Bayt (chosen descendants of the Holy Prophet), hold such central and balancing position in religion that those who are deficient in understanding and acting upon its principles, will have to come to us for reformation, and those who are overdoing it have got to learn moderation from us."



    @ juvegirl, B2B 2010, girl, you need some background knowledge. You are clearly uneducated about any of the topics you have mentioned, it seems like you'ree arguing about something you are barely familiar with. Sorry if i sound too bitter =). <3

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    I'm sorry, Abu Hamza (great name, btw, love the name Hamza), but you've shown that the Prophets (pbuta) are living, but not that we should call upon them.

    If all help comes from God, what benefit is there in going through an intercessor? God surely is available to take all requests.

    I don't care about Sunni/Shia stuff and I'm not here to condemn anyone (God's job is not vacant, far as I know), but I simply can't fathom what the purpose behind calling upon anyone other than God is.

    As for the asker, it's not just shias who do it and it's not just Muslims who do it. One of the big gripes Muslims have with Catholics is praying to Mary. If it is shirk when Catholics do it, it should be shirk whenever Muslims do it too, regardless upon whom one is calling other than God.

    @Darth - I highly doubt Ducky's family practises intercession. I don't live at her place to say with absolutely certainty, but...I don't think they do.

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    It was 2 years ago. There is a high chance that we all have changed. But if you are genuinely seeking the answer and not from your ego then shouldnt have mentioned her name nor this act.

    EDIT:@ asker -

    Thers a fatwa about saying ya Rasulullah (saws) . its on

    search it or ill email u later ima go to skool now

    EDIT:@Sonja -

    Hanafis believe that All Ambiyaa (as.) are alive in their grave.

    The barelvis are not muslims.

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    There is no harm in calling unto Muhammad(saw) or saying O RasulAllah because we Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad(saw) is alive.

    Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Quran:

    “And say not of those who are slain in the Way of Allah ‘They are dead’. Nay, they are living, though you perceive it not”. (al-Baqarah: 154)

    “Think not of those who are slain in Allah’s Way as dead. Nay, they are alive, finding their sustenance in the Presence of their Lord”. (al-Ale’ Imraan: 169)

    Since it is evident from the Holy Quran that the Martyrs are alive, then it follows that the Ambiya (alaihimus salaam), whose status are much greater than that of the Martyrs, are also alive. (Fathul Baari Sharah Bukhari)

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    Some sunnis drink and some sunnis have premarital sex and some sunnis blow themselves up and kill innocent people and some sunnis commit crimes and some sunnis celebrate the prophet's birthday, etc.

    Proves absolutely nothing... All Muslims should disown any innovations or wrongdoing (the action not the person) ESPECIALLY if the one who does it does so in the name of their faith. This applies to any sect in my opinion.

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    Even within the Sunnis There is a huge divide. You will get the **Barelvis, Deobandis, those who adhere to Quraan and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf and much more..

    What I was referring to there was the Barelvis I have come across in my family. Alhamdulillah and I can not Thank and Praise Allah (swt) enough that He has made my family understand. What Abu Hamza has posted that is where they derive their evidences from that it is permissble to do so.

    But they are nothing but in error because we can only call unto Allah (swt) He is the One who listens to our Du'as and grants them, without His Permission and Help we are nowhere.


    **Barelvis: Some of their beliefs are not acceptable and considered Biddah.

    1. Prophet [s.a.w] has the complete knowledge of unseen [ilm ghayb], in other words from the time when Allah took oath from the souls till people enter Jannah and Jahannam. This belief is contrary to Quran and Sunnah.

    2. Prophets and awliyas are hazir nazir, present everywhere. There is nothing in the Universe that is hidden from them, not even a small particle in this Universe. If everyone call them from far at the same time, they have the ability to hear you at the same time. They are even aware of the thoughts that run through ones heart.

    3. Calling Prophets and awliya for help from far, with the belief that they physically come and help, all the time [istiqlalan].

    4. Prophet [s.a.w] has the power to make halal into haram, and haram into halal. Allah has given the power to distribute sustinence [rizq] to the Prophet [s.a.w].

    5. Many of them are on the brink of denying the bashariyat of Prophet [s.a.w] and believe that He was a physicall Noor [in generic].

    6. Their belief that mujizaat and karamat are the af'aal [actions] of the Nabi or Wali. According to Ahle Sunnah, the above are afaal of Allah and a wali might not even be aware of his karamat.

    7. Building structures over the graves, slaughtering animals at the graves of awliya, slaughtering animals for seeking "nearness" [taqarrub] to awliya, having annual anniversaries at the graves of awliya.

    And list goes on ~ Seems a little like what you follow.


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    cheap shot Elda,

    She also said :

    "Gosh these people are in nothing but delusion, may Allah (swt) grant us the understanding of Tawheed then all this would be abolished!"

    Ok Elda, so you want to use the delusion of some "sunnis" as an excuse to continue in making dua to other than Allaah ? fine go ahead, u dont hurt me. btw why didnt u and fellow shia answer my clear question on the ayah in surah fatihah ? hmmmmm

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    Khalid bin al waleed led an army of muslims against musailima al kathab (the lier who proclaimed being a prophet after Mohammed) my point is: what was the cry that khalid and his army continuously made that day??

    if it is shirk, then please admit that khalid is mushrik

    Source(s): Wa Muhammadaaaaah is what they shouted repeatedly
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    I know some do...when I go back to asia I come across people doing it - its the people who know nothing of Islam and who listen to others and accept what they say to be true...the same type of people who 'commit suicide' or who are 'suicide bombers' and 'terrorists'


    Source(s): @ Asker - dudette my point is ONLY the ones who don't read the Qur'an and Hadiths do that.
  • i personally know a sunni family, and once when i went to their house, i could hear a nasheed from the guy's son's room (in urdu) which was saying "Ali [as] Mushkil Gosha" (Ali [as] the Problem solver), and i asked the man and he said yes, Ali (as) Mushkil Gosha......

    Source(s): truth speaks for itself..........
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