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What is PF usage an is it bad for it to be high?

Mines at 1.27gb running Lotro (an MMO) and Firefox.

I was wondering if that was bad, and if so how can I fix it.


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    PF = PageFile, also known as swapfile.

    Your computer will generally try to swap out data from RAM to disk ( PF ) when RAM is in short supply or full, and in general try to keep RAM available.

    If you have very little RAM, PF will be used a lot, slowing down your system while the harddisk is churning. If you have ample RAM, the PF will be less used.

    If you are running regular old Windows XP, your system should have 2GB RAM.

    If you are running a 32 bit version of Vista or Win7, I would suggest 6 or 8 GB depending on your computer ( 6 for triple channel, 8 for dual channel ) as a minimum.

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    It's ok. Just make sure your PF is running on the fastest harddisk in your system if you have more than 1 harddisks.

    And getting more than 3 gigs of ram in an 32bit system will do no good. 32bit systems just cant use more than 3 gigs of ram. The rest of the RAM will be invisible to a 32bit system, be it Win7, Vista or XP

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