Can my friend be part animal?

Ok i have this friend in school who is very weird.He acts normal enough when we hang out but he has all these weird traits of animals.Like he can move his ears any way he wants,he has very large canine teeth,a lot of body hair etc. He is also very strong and fast infact the strongest and fastest in our school as far as i know. Also once he got into a fight and he completely destroyed the guy i mean he started throwing him around like he was nothing and he weighed 160 lbs :P.He also bit his finger off and scared his face with his finger nails. I have no idea how he bit his finger off but i saw it with my own eyes. He is also growls if he gets upset.I dunno if its true but he says it just comes to him. He also eats raw meat says its a healthy diet O.o. Im worried could he be part animal? Should he see a doctor or something and get a DNA test?


yeh and i forgot once we had a hearing test in school and he could hear the frequencies of up to 22kHz when the human range is 20kHz i heard

Update 2:

ty for all the answers but i was thinking could he like have evolved later than us?

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    My friends thinks I am part cat. I wont bother explaining.

    Anyway, no. Its impossible for people to be 'part animal'

    I say that in the way of being part other animal. Humans ARE animals, APES in fact. Humans are apes.

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    nicely about your wedding ceremony in the experience that they are authentic acquaintances then tell them they could keep in mind that it is your day and by no potential a social gathering. about your friendship, human beings opt for the flow aside, i understand how perplexing it truly is to love human beings yet no longer be able to relate to them anymore. that doesn't propose that they are undesirable human beings it basically signifies that possibly it truly is time that you compromise for who they at the on the spot are and also settle for the actual incontrovertible truth that they could by no potential be how they were back neither will your friendship. in case you could stay with them as they at the on the spot are, then proceed to be their buddy. If no longer, then perhaps you want to imagine about no longer precisely allowing them to bypass yet let nature take that is direction. in case you've grown aside like you reported, it truly is basically no longer too lengthy in the previous they are no longer questioning about you or you them. sturdy success sweetie!

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    Sounds like your friend is a teen wolf:

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    All humans are animals...not vegetable or mineral.

    All humans are 100% human-NOT hybrids OR really stupid fairy tale creatures.

    *&*.....Trolls are boring,not amusing.

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    is he a guy? all guys are part animal, lol

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