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Wa asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯chemistry paragraph

幫我譯做中文 一d好chemistry既字keep番都得

thanks so much!

Visualise putting a fresh log into the glowing ember of our fire. Once

the heat arrives at the outside surface of the wood the surface becomes

hotter due to radiated heat from the embers; following this the heat

transfers into the bulk of the wood through conduction. Then, as the

temperature of the wood rises, a series of chemical changes begins.

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    想像將新鮮的日誌放入我們的火災的發光的余暉。 一旦到達樹林外表面的熱表面變得更熱,輻射熱,灰燼從 ; 以下這熱轉移到通過傳導木材的大部分。 然後,由於木材的氣溫上升,一連串化學變化的開始。

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