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超急問,....chem practical x1000

Measure 25cm3 of sulfuric acid into a beaker and add 1 spatula of nickel carbonate and then heat the solution on the bunsen burner blue flame. Once the solution goes clear, remove bunsen burner, add a little more nickel carbonate and heat again until the solution goes clear. Carry on doing this until a solid is formed.

Then, stop heating the solution and filter the solution into another beaker.

Then, I think I need to put it into a crystallising dish and wait for it to crystalise.

The crystals made should be nickel (II) sulfate.

Here are the questions I needed help to please:

1) What observation did you notice when nickel carbonate was added to the sulpfuric acid followed by heating?

2)From what observation in the experiment did you find out that nickel carbonate is insoluble in water?

3)Why should water not evaporate in the preparation of nickel (II) sulfate?

4)Describe the appearence of nickel (II) sulfate.

Thanks so much. Will give positive rep to anyone who can answer any of these questions correctly.

(ask all in ENGLISH and full sentence please )



改正 Q.3

Explain why its important not all water is evaporated from the solution of nickel sulfate?

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    Effervescence occurs. Nickel carbonate dissolves to form a green solution.


    Some nickel carbonate did not dissolve when excess nickel carbonate was added to the sulfuric acid followed by heating.


    This is prevent the evaporation of water of crystallization.


    Nickel sulfate is a green (tetragonal) crystal.

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