Mathematical Statistics?

I have trouble doing problems.

The text used for the course is "Introduction to Mathematical Statistics" by Hogg, etc (6th ed):

I have trouble many of the problems assigned by the professor (and the TAs are unhelpful). I was wondering if there is a good website that has solutions or hints (I have the solution many and it is terribly useless). Or perhaps some websites that I can use to better understand the material and help me with the problems?

Thanks, the final will consist of problems assigned in problem sets.


I checked MML and coursecompass. I can't register since I do not have a code nor did my professor setup any online component.

Additionally my textbook isn't even listed since it is higher level math book (it's also used in graduate level courses)

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    SInce you are using a pearon textbook it may come with My Math Lab. If so, register fo MML. They have a lot of resources there that will assist you. I have used it before and its better than having a teacher. You can also check the pearson website to see what resources they have available.

  • 4 years ago

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