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IPhone - a phone that you sync through music-store software...will Apple ever make BUSINESS-oriented products?

I've been forced to set up third generation IPhones for customers by my not so technologically enlightened boss. Exchange server support seems to be a complete afterthought. I had to set up two email accounts on each phone, one with IMAP so the customer could actually access all their public folders, and one with Exchange ActiveSync, which (sort of) integrates Calendar and Contacts. Accessing the customer's shared contacts which are in a public folder is only something we can dream about. Lousy, lousy support for what is (as far as I've ever seen) the most prevalent corporate email server software there is. I can't even imagine what sort of hell Lotus Notes users go through. But I shouldn't be surprised when you consider that the software you use to sync the phone with a computer is ITunes. Yes, Apple products are not made to get WORK done, they are toys for home users with lots of disposable income!

The saddest part is that Exchange support on the new IPhones is 10 times better than it was on their predecessors. I worked on an original IPhone that lost its email settings reliably every 2 weeks. I heard rumors that there was a firmware update but never actually found where I could obtain it. Apple's site has NO troubleshooting information, no hint of any bugs to be squashed. Because their products are apparently perfect. So they never need to put out any troubleshooting information. What a joke.

So will Apple ever figure out WHY the business environment is nearly devoid of their products? Do they even care???


Haha yes, why don't I rant at Apple... or why don't I rant at Microsoft... both companies are clueless. The only reason I like Windows Server is because there IS no decent alternative. Windows Mobile is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen, but it does have great Exchange support.

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    I support Exchange 2003/2007 and Lotus/Domino R5,6,7,8, & 8.5 at several different customer sites. IMAP and OWA seem to be the best options for most mobile Exchange users, and it seems satisfactory. As every admin knows, Exchange has many limitations, but most end users get what they need out of it, and it's very easy to administer. I agree however that some Windows Mobile and iPhone users seem to goof something up every few weeks making it a pain to manage.

    As for Lotus Notes/Domino, you should be aware that there is a free Notes plugin called Notes Traveler that provides full mobile application support for Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Journal on iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia Symbian, Windows Mobile, and very soon Android. I've never used the mobile application myself because I am a Blackberry user, but I do administer it and have heard nothing but overwhelming praise for Lotus Notes on iPhone and Windows Mobile. I've never even had to install it myself for the 100 or so users that I know are currently using it. I only installed the plugin on the server, then sent them a link and they installed it themselves.

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    You're so smart! I didn't even understand what you said haha. Except for the part that said Apple never puts out any troubleshooting information, which I believe. I was having trouble with my iPod a while back, and the website didn't help at all.

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    What you're really asking is whether Apple will make Microsoft-compatible products, and that will only happen if Microsoft buys Apple or Apple buys Microsoft. Apple makes toys, not business products.

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    why are you ranting on yahoo? try to get through to apple, because unless they know that there's demand for business-oriented products they won't make them.

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    The bigger issue is why are you using Exchange? It's a POS.

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