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Charlene Sanders (wife of craigslist murdered man)-could she be a suspect?

ok so i heard about the man that was murdered by people from craigslist about a week ago and i saw video from 2 news stations today and the FIRST thing that cam to my mind was why isn't she crying ? god knows if my husband was murdered and have him die in my arms i would be crying so hard i couldn't talk well not a tear in her eye she even seems "annoyed" (for lack of better term). watch both videos and tell me if im crazy or not……

i feel horrible for the family and the kids my heart goes out to them.

but in my head i think this is how it went

it was HER idea to sell the family's ring on craigslist and had her brother in law find 4 people to do what they did and she made sure it would be at a time they were home

so maybe her and the brother in law could be together? or for money?

why was she so worry that they may kill her in front of the kids when her husband lay dieing?

does anyone else think something is up with her or have i just seen one too many movies?

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    Everybody handles grief differently and if you go through a traumatic event like that you're likely to be in shock and come off as a little detached.

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    I see your brain is no bigger than a sperm. If this lady wanted her husband dead you think she would have planned it better than that? Leave the thinking up to the investigators, and comments up to the reporters, what you need to do is call skydive ASAP, arrange a jump date, Jump without a parachute and pray to God on yo way down that he will fogive you for all your sins. And while you are preparing to jump try to help make craigslist safer and the youth in our generation more dependent on God rather than man, spiritual rather than physical, knowledge rather than money. Put God first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    neither link works.

    and you never know how something will effect you until it happens.................

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