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Charlene Sanders (wife of craigslist murdered man)-could she be a suspect?

ok so i heard about the man that was murdered by people from craigslist about a week ago and i saw video from 2 news stations today and the FIRST thing that cam to my mind was why isn't she crying ? god knows if my husband was murdered and have him die in my arms i would be crying so hard i couldn't talk well not a tear in her eye she even seems "annoyed" (for lack of better term). watch both videos and tell me if im crazy or not

i feel horrible for the family and the kids my heart goes out to them.

but in my head i think this is how it went

it was HER idea to sell the family's ring on craigslist and had her brother in law find 4 people to do what they did and she made sure it would be at a time they were home

so maybe her and the brother in law could be together? or for money?

why was she so worry that they may kill her in front of the kids when her husband lay dieing?

does anyone else think something is up with her or have i just seen one too many movies?

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    Well close family members and spouses are usually suspected when there is a mysterious murder involved, so I guess that part isn't far fetched. But I don't know if it necessarily applies here.

    I understand you expect the wife to be crying non-stop, etc. But you need to keep in mind that people grieve in very different ways. She may be in shock still, she may be in denial, who knows what she's thinking, and who knows how she is behind closed doors. I don't think it's fair to think she's a murderer just because she's not on the ground sobbing the way someone else thinks she should be.

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    When I initially saw her interview she appeared suspect. I don't even think those 4 people did it. i know they had the ring.. we will find out the truth soon.. After reading I agree with them being Christians and she knows that he is going to be with God. Time will tell.

    Source(s): Inside Edition
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    Well, I think she is not absolutely devastated because her husband was a dedicated Christian (she told so) so she must be thinking that his dead is not an eternal separation, but just a short break. I suppose she hopes to be reunited to her husband in eternity. The Lord Jesus told to a woman who had just loose her brother: "Thy brother shall rise again." and the woman said: " I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day." and Jesus said unto her " I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live..."

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    I saw this on the Today Show and thought...Whoa!!! I think you're right on the money with this one... I sat and watched the video and couldn't believe what I was watching... the terms she gave me chills. It just gave me chills...besides I think her brother looks just like her late husband.

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    I don't know about all that but anyone who sells off Craigslist and let people in they house is a fool. Put that sh!t out on the porch and have them take a look. We had someone ask to use our bathroom cuz they "drove real far". Not falling for that bs.

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