is there an on-line stocks/options trading website that accept visa card as way of funding account ?

actually I am not american and I would like to trade options but all of the brokers over the internet (scottrade, e*trade, zecco, ....) - that I know - accept checks , bank wire and (ACH)

I am far a way from my bank (6 countries a way) , and no method of the above useful for me

I tried to find an online bank that accept visa card as a way of funding my account , there were several but they don't accept non-US citizens

my Question is that ( is there an online bank or good options trading broker that accept credit cards as a method of funding user account ?)

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    It is illegal as defined by Federal Law for a brokerage firm to accept a credit card issued by a bank or another lending institution for payment for the purchase of securities.

    If you want to trade/invest in the US markets, you should consider either having your bank wire funds to your brokerage account, you deposit, in check form, sufficient monies that would permit you trade.

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    No. It would be very irresponsible of them to do so. If you don't have enough in a bank account to transfer (and you can do that via internet regardless of location) then it is not in your interest (or a broker's) to open a trading account. Plus, the likelihood of someone doing so with money paid for through credit card fraud is an unacceptable risk for the broker (and their insurer).

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    It is IMPOSSIBLE to fund any brokers with credit cards BUT you can withdraw cash from your credit card and wire it to your online options trading account.

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