printer trouble again..?

hi.. so i have narrowed down my options for eitehr a HP or brother printer under 100 aud..

so which one from these three would be best?


Brother MFC-250C Multifunction Printer

Hewlett Packard (HP) Officejet J3608 Multifunction Printer

i mean considering the less expensive approach.. when it comes to cartriges..

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    I have a quote form done up for you.

    Here is the basics, based on our pricing at The Cartridge Family (australia)

    The first price is ex GST and the second inc GST

    You can see that I have included the costs per page for both options, and I have also included another cheap Epson printer that we are having amazing success with (a much better option than two that you have chosen, but I don't know what options you need.)

    I do know that Office-don't works has a cash back on the Epsons at the moment so they are super cheap

    Brother DCP 145

    LC38BK LC38 Brother Black 300 pg $25.00 $27.50

    LC38C LC38 Brother Cyan 260 pg $15.00 $16.50

    LC38M LC38 Brother Magenta 260 pg $15.00 $16.50

    LC38Y LC38 Brothet Yellow 260 pg $15.00 $16.50

    LC38CL3PK LC38 Colour Pack Brother CMY $40.00 $44.00

    LC38BK cost per page $0.08 $0.09

    LC38C cost per page $0.06 $0.06

    Brother MFC 250

    same cartridges as the DCP145

    HP J3608

    CC660AA HP 702 Blk Ink CC660AA 600 pg $32.00 $35.20

    C9352AA HP No.22 C9352A Colour 170 pg $23.00 $25.30

    CC630AA Cost per page $0.06 $0.07

    C9352AA Cost per page $0.14 $0.15

    EPSON tx110

    T105192 Epson 73N Black 230 pages $15.00 $16.50

    T105292 Epson 73N Cyan 310 pages $15.00 $16.50

    T105392 Epson 73N Magenta 310 pages $15.00 $16.50

    T105492 Epson 73N Yellow 310 pages $15.00 $16.50

    T105192 cost per page black $0.07 $0.08

    T105292 cost per page colours $0.05 $0.06

    Source(s): I own and Hope this helps. Call me if you need. 1300 186 637
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