Why did Bill Clinton invade Somolia?

It's a stupid question but all i see on the internet is debates on how stupid of a decision it was. Your answer may be short if you decide to answer in the first place.

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  • Ranger
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    1 decade ago

    The U.S. military contingent was part of a UN peacekeeping force. Many nations sent military contingents to Somalia at the request of the UN. due to food supplies being shipped to feed the starving Somalis were being hi-jacked by War Lords.

    The UN issued warrants of arrest for the War Lords and sent out various military patrols to arrest the War Lords. The U.S. went on one such mission to arrest a War Lord and ran into a larger Somalia Army loyal to the War Lord. The battle raged for two days and resulted in the US withdrawing from Somalia and leaving Somalia to the other countries military contingents.

  • 1 decade ago

    Like I said many times before, the world wants US to help everyone, and at the same time they blame US for everything.

    They blame US for African poverty, while it caused by their own African (War) Lords. It really sucks for the people born and live in Somalia which is occupied by (coincidentally) Radical Muslims.

    A 13 years old rape victim girl was stoned to death in front of 5000 men. She was raped, but the Radical Muslim punished her. They bury her alive with only head above the soil, then they together stoned her. When they thought that she already dead, they checked her, when they find out that the girl still barely alive, they stoned her again until her death. (You can search/google this story).

    When we heard about their sad story, made us to thank God that we live in US. But it really nonsense to blame US for their misery.

    Do you keep walking and do nothing when you see thugs bullies their victims ? (Apparently some countries do that).

    Would you act like US, or do you act like the hypocrite Switzerland who plays angel, but happily fund their people prosperity with bloody money they received from War Lords, corrupt dictators, and tax evations from all over the world ?

  • 1 decade ago

    To stop the genocide the US said was taking place...

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