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Cool/Cute email address names with the word "monstress" in it?

I got the "monstress" idea from Lady Gaga's latest album, The Fame Monster. I am totally inspired by her! Anyways I'm making a new Gmail account (my third I think. The rest are deleted). I want part of the name to be Italian...(I'm known for speaking Italian to my friends who have no idea what I'm saying lol. It's hilarious to watch their faces as I speak Italian!). I don't want any numbers (numbers are lame).

I was thinking something like monstress.amore@gmail.com ("amore" means "love") or il.suo.monstress@gmail.com ("il suo monstress" means "your monstress")...Whatd'ya think?



Amethyst ;D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    [love from the monstress]


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