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Is it legal for a 16 year old and a 23 year old to date without parental consent in the state of oklahoma?

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Update : I'm NOT talking about having sex. I'm just talking about dating ...show more
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There are no laws on dating, legal issues only become part of the picture if you're going to have sex, in which case laws vary from state to state on that. However, the operative words in your question are "without parental consent". A 16 year old is still a minor, and by law, a minor's parents/guardians have every right to control who can and cannot have contact with their child, until the child is of legal age. So, yes a 16 y/o can date a 23 y/o AS LONG as the 16 y/o's parents approve. However, if the parents do not approve of the relationship, they are entitled to insist the person stay away from their child. If the person was to persist in seeing the 16 y/o against the parents' wishes, the parents could legally have the person charged with harassment and seek a restraining order against the person if necessary.
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  • rejectedsoul answered 5 years ago
    its illegal for sex
    ok allows for close age 3 years is it

    ask your self this hunny

    why would a 23 year old man want to date a 16 year old child
    1. hes a pathetic low life loser
    2 something is wrong with him
    hes a creep and criminal
    like it or not its the truth

    why isnt he dating women his own age
    you cant go to most places he can or see the movies he wants to
    you have a curfew and live with your parents
    hes using you for sex because you are young stupid and naive

    he doesnt love you and he never will
    once he gets what he wants he will dump

    do you reallly think a 23 year old man is going to date you and not have sex
    adults need and have sex get real your dumber than i first thought

    no 23 year old man will date some kid and not have sex
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  • tonalc2 answered 5 years ago
    There are no laws against dating.

    If you're asking about sex, the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16.
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  • Sid6.7 answered 5 years ago
    If by "date" you mean "f@ck" then yes it is legal as long as the 23 year old is not the 16 year old's teacher or other authority figure in their life. But that does not mean that it is legal for you to disobey your parents if they do not want you to see the person. As a matter of fact, it is ILLEGAL for you to do so and can result in you spending a couple of months in boot camp or other juvenile facility.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    You are allowed to date. Just no sex
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  • Is it legal for a 16 year old and a 23 year old to date without parental consent in the state of oklahoma?
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