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Doesn't History shows that USA is on a wrong course?

God Almighty gives power and resources to different nations to test them. If they use those resources for the benefit of mankind, it flourish and prospers. But if it becomes arrogant and wicked and makes life difficult for humanity, it is punished and replaced by another candidate.

The example of Soviet Union is in front of our eyes. It was the largest country in the world, area wise.

It had immense resources and strong military power. Instead of utilizing its resources for humanity, it attacked a small and poverty stricken nation, Afghanistan. And refused to withdraw, despite UN opposition.

Now USA has done the same. She has not only attacked Afghanistan on a false pretext, but also Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and now is showering drones on poor people in Pakistan.

Do you think, USA's end will be any different than Soviet Union, which was disintegrated in to several nations.

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    I agree with you, Mr. Javed. History also indicates that any country with immense military resources will use them to their advantage for their own gain, but will wind up being the casualty in the end.

    The U.S. mistakenly believes they are the largest and strongest military power in the world, however, they depend too much on technology and are too concerned about their own safety, which renders them harmful to themselves. They will find out eventually that they are NOT the strongest military and if the other countries who do have strong military power decide to use their "combined" forces against them, the U.S. will not have a chance. The 'silent' armies are the ones they should be most concerned about and the countries that they have destroyed will never let them get away with what they have done. They will be punished for misusing their military against countries who have little or no defense, that is almost guaranteed. The "breakdown" of their country, as a country, has already begun.

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    Don't be stupid.

    The Soviet Union failed for lots of reasons, but you are implying they were making the wrong choices. They did not, these are the reasons:

    1) Area - TOO MUCH area to control, it is impossible especially at the time with limited technology.

    2) I reckon about 70% of that land is unusable for farming, mostly deserted and hard to reach or way too cold.

    3) Soviet had to protect itself from Europe and from Asia.

    4) Soviet did not have a strong military power, they used to in the middle/medieval ages but they did not have a good government running because of so many conflicts amongst the people.

    In some ways the Soviet HAD to attack simply to survive.

    Now lets go to the USA:

    1) rich

    2) technologicall advanced

    3) very little problems.

    You are again judging the USA and saying they attacked on false pretext - I do believe if they were doing something wrong, the entire US nation would object.

    But they aren't.

    So it can't be that wrong/stupid.

    No, USA will not disintegrate. What are you, idiotic?

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    Afghanistan has been fighting for how long now?

    Al qaedi was not based there?

    Where are most Pirates operating from?

    Human rights record in Sudan is stellar?

    God bless America the only country on the face of the earth to stand up to tyranny,do we make mistakes? you bet,do we give more help more troops more love than any other Nation,you bet! God Bless America the only hope for the World for freedom.

  • God Almighty has nothing to do with America's resources, that aside, the United States is an extremely new nation compared to other developed countries so it's fair to say they should be given time, and also it's ethos of freedom and liberty is COMPLETELY different than all of the countries you listed.

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    You are very mistaken about the USA's (and many UN countries) motive in what it is doing in those Middle Eastern countries.

    Has there been mistakes made? Yes. But the USA (and many UN countries are involved as well) is trying to bring democracy to the region and prevent evil dictatorships and prevent the hatred of terrorism. This is not a wrong motive.

    The USA is not acting alone in those countries you mention.

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    God: no evidence

    almighty: contrary to logical consistency

    gives: no evidence

    benefit/flourish/prosper: no evidence

    arrogant/punished: contrary to evidence

    This is just in the first three sentences. Get my point?

    But what your question does show is that literacy is on the decline and once again this comes from a believer. I'm not saying that all believers lack adequate literacy but it is definitely an observable trend. Would you say that inadequate literacy is the right course? I wouldn't.

    Source(s): * no religious belief implied
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    Ok so God almighty has given oil to the Muslim nations, what r they doing.

    (i) Having numerous wives, spending their money on latest cars, gadgets and gizmo's, making amusement parks, frequently travelling to US and other european countries for women, high life, alcohol and all kinds of carnal activities.

    (ii) They have so much money that they could have propelled themselves to the height of science and technology, but actually they do not even have the technology to drill the oil given by so called almighty. (Note: they have a thief among themselves named A. Q. Khan, the atom bomb theif)

    (iii) Soviet Union did not disintegrated because it attacked afganistan. For that you have to read history (in which I think you are poor)

    (iv) USA attacked Taliban not afganistan. What do you think Taliban was doing. Was it good for humanity? Sudan, Somalia are Terrorist countries.

    (v) What do you think Saddam Hussain was? A saint ! USA merely removed him.

    (vi) Pakistan has become epicentre of all kinds of terrorists.

    (vii) What did Mohammad do when he had the power. He looted, plundered Jewish settlements, forced people to accept his religion. Your holy quran is full of such stories. But you put aside them and say he spread the true faith, he was the messanger of Allah (which incidently only 1.8 billion people agree with and most of them are Terrorists).

    (viii) Now USA is doing the same thing, it is focing people and countries to adhere to its rules. To me USA is the Prophet.

    Grow up man

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    No, and certainly not for the nonsensical reasons you suggest.

    The additional details in your question could only ring true to someone divorced from reality, uneducated in history, and holding a delusional view of the world.

  • 10 years ago

    What a pile of nonsense. At least its people are free.

    And I think SOMEBODY in the middle east is profitting quite nicely from the sale of opium. Who might that be?

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