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Office Administrator 中文職稱及職級

請問Office Administrator的中文職稱是什麼?

Grading 又會係咩級呢? 如與Administration Assistant; Assistant Administration Officer; Administration Officer 相比?


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    1 decade ago
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    Office Administrator is similar to Office administrative officer who is an executive independently handling all sort of office adminitration. The grading is below a primary manager like section head but with higher rank than Administration Assistant or Assistant Administration Officer. For your reference only, monthly salary may around HK$10,000.00 to HK415,000.00

    2010-05-11 16:24:36 補充:

    monthly salary may around HK$10,000.00 to HK$15,000.00

    2010-05-11 16:26:16 補充:


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