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他允許商業用途嗎? 謝謝!


Your purchase/ (or just download for freebies) grants you a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license to use these brushes for the Permitted Uses

(as defined below). Unless the activity or use is a Permitted Use, you cannot do it.

All other rights in and to the Brushes/Artwork, including, without limitation, all copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the Brushes/

Artwork, are retained by Jennifer Furlotte / Pixels&IceCream. If this download is a freebie of mine, please credit me when you use them:

(example: Small Ornaments Pack 1 by Jen Furlotte

If you would like to use any of my freebies without credit please e-mail me at

No credit is required for anything you have purchased.

**Permitted Uses** Subject to the restrictions described under Prohibited Uses below, the following are ermitted Uses?of Brushes/Artwork:

1. Advertising and promotional projects, including printed materials, product packaging, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials,

catalogues, brochures, promotional greeting cards and promotional postcards;

2. Entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video,

broadcast and theatrical presentations;

3. Onine or electronic publications, including web pages and digital scrapbook designs;

4. Prints, posters (i.e. a hardcopy) and other reproductions;

5. Any other uses approved in writing by Jennifer Furlotte / Pixels & IceCream.

If there is any doubt that a proposed use is a Permitted Use, you should contact me, Jennifer Furlotte (

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    你的購買/(或只是免費下載)允許你有一個永久的,不獨佔的,不可轉讓的世界性許可在所許可的範圍裡去使用這筆刷(範圍如下). 除非在許可範圍內的活動及使用,你不能用它.

    包括所有其他在或對這筆刷/美工的權利,無限的, 所有著作權及與這筆刷/美工有關的其他智慧財產權歸Jennifer Furlotte / Pixels&IceCream所擁有.

    如果這免費下載是我的,當你使用實請付費給我:(例如: Jen Furlotte的小飾品包1


    No credit is required for anything you have purchased.


    **許可使用範圍如下**根據以下所列禁止使用限制, 以下為允許(或禁止此促處之原文語焉不詳)使用?筆刷/美工:





    5.其他經Jennifer Furlotte / Pixels & IceCream書面許可之使用.

    如果對有目的之使用的許可有任何疑問,你應該連絡我Jennifer Furlotte (

    讀我檔案之大義如上, 但其中最重要的關鍵句the following are ermitted Uses?of Brushes/Artwork:語焉不詳, 可能是商業手法, 所以使用前請先去信詢問以免觸法.

    Source(s): cc rider Express
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