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What is Super Mario Galaxy 2?

I've never played Super Mario Galaxy before, and I just got a Wii. What is the game i've only seen the trailers. It kinda looks like Super Mario 64, is it like that?

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. It's basically a 3D platforming Mario game on Wii. Like in the past there was Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube and Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64, there is now Super Mario Galaxy 2. Since the developers weren't done with ideas with Super Mario Galaxy, they made a 1.5 version that soon become Super Mario Galaxy 2 overtime as they kept on adding more and more ideas to the point of where there ended up being 95-99% new content in the game.

    Super Mario 64 was inside Princess Peach's castle. Super Mario Sunshine was on Isle Delfino. Super Mario Galaxy & Super Mario Galaxy 2 both take place in space.

    Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 all have similarities but you're looking at 3 different games when you play them. The main things that are the same are:

    -All are 3D

    -All are platform genre

    -Mario is the lead character

    -(SPOILER) You fight Bowser at the end of the game (SPOILER)

    As Link0710 said, they developers actually do advise that you play Super Mario Galaxy first before Super Mario Galaxy 2. To add to the 95-99% new content in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is also a much more difficult game which has been stated more than once by many people, including the lead of the project, Shigeru Miyamoto who is also the creator of Mario. According to a podcast and interview, even he was frustrated while playing a finished product of the game. You should look into Super Mario Galaxy first before heading off to Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both are fantastic games.


    Source(s): own knowledge, wikipedia, gonintendo, owner of Super Mario Galaxy and hopefully soon to be owner of Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well.
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    It's like he said it's like Super Mario 64 and they're stars and star bits in the games over all you should buy the first Super Mario Galaxy before playing the second one.

    Source(s): I owned it too before I traded it after beating everything in the game and geting all the stars and grand stars.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is game where we have to cath all 150 pokemons (including a special pikachu with a red hat that eat mushrooms to evolve to super pikachu)

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    Yes it is just like Super Mario 64, same gameplay and all, except the storyline is set in space

    Source(s): i own it
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    It is a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. :) And it's twice as awesome. :)

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    get super mario galaxy 1 first.

    even the creators advise you to do so. Its basically mario galaxy 1.5, but its harder and WAY more stars to get 125 compared to 225 ( or more... could be wrong )

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    Mario Galaxy 2 is a sequel to the original Mario Galaxy. There isn't much difference between the two games mechanically other than some power ups.

    There are all new levels in Galaxy 2, but also returning level design from the previous game and this is because Mario Galaxy 2 was originally supposed to be called: "Super Mario Galaxy more" and be a downloadable expansion for the first Mario Galaxy. But, as the games size became bigger and bigger, it's was made into a full release sequel game.

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    Its a sequel to the first one. They added yoshi, new galaxys and more power ups

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    A wii game

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    Amazing, that's what.

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